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Gays, deaths and other popular news stories about Qatar

One night, a few years ago, I was out in a fancy bar, drinking cocktails, celebrating a gay friend’s birthday. In the middle of the party, he hugged me with a sad face. “I have a problem he said. I need a new boyfriend.” “Thought you had one?” I asked, laughing. “Well”, he said, “The Australian one I had when I just came to Doha was  too  crazy. This one now, Pilipino, is  way  too religious!”  Now, unless you have been recently hiding underground in some Putin style personal bunker, you probably couldn’t help but read and hear all those endless accusations of Qatar, which have hit this small country like a tsunami because of the World Cup. And, having heard and read all that, you would not believe the scene I just described was in fact, happening in Doha, Qatar. Do gay people work and live in Qatar? The answer is yes. Plenty do, and they enjoy living here, on their great expat salaries. Do they advertise their gayness by snogging in Starbucks? Well, no. Because, and-here is a newsflas

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