Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A very modest Scary Azeri wanted to tell you.....

Check it out, check it out! Scary Azeri is in a magazine!

Cool, eh. OK, I know it is not Harper's Bazaar or the Guardian or anything like that. But it looks good, and is glossy. And it is a real magazine, so there.

It is the first time scary azeri stuff got published (besides some bits I occasionally send to

There is one more coming out in the June issue.

In my ( very pathetic, I know) dreams I had this huuuuge increase in traffic to this blog, and lots more followers… ( I love my followers and lovingly count them every morning.)

But…Don’t ask. I bet there is not one person here who came via INBaku magazine. If you are, I am impressed. You must be an expat in Baku, who:

a) was sober enough to pick up the magazine
b) was sober enough to read it
c) was sober enough to then memorize the name of the blog and look it up!

And that is impressive. Last time I was in Baku I thought expat bars looked a lot dodgier and trashier, expats a lot more drunk and local hookers a lot cheaper than I remember them 9 years ago. Or perhaps, I just forgot.


  1. Congratulations, it looks beautiful, and one thing leads to another, you know!

    Surely there are a few tea drinkers among the readership?

  2. Congrats. You deserve it, and it will be one of many publications I'm sure. Won't be quick or easy, but you'll manage it...

  3. Congratulations!
    I've just started to read your blog and I'm loving it. I hope you'll soon have more surprises to share with us.

  4. Congratulations! It looks great! I love that your drawings are used as well.

  5. Great news! For your next publication in a glossy magazine, I'll take a ferry to London to celebrate together

  6. Большому кораблю - семь футов под килем!

    Congratulations, Scary! Hopefully, you will become a permanent columnist there and one day will end up on the cover! (to see what I'm talking about check out magazine's website at

    Good luck!

  7. Tebrikler. ilk uguruniz deyil bu, neche bele ugurlar elde edesimniz.

  8. It's a start! You never know who reads these things and picks it up for the dailies.

  9. Deary me. You only count your readers once a day?


  10. Solnushka: Of course not, are you kidding? I check stats more often than that. :) But I look (lovingly) at my followers only once a day. That list grows way too slowly to do it more often than that!

  11. Well, I'm in Baku and started following your blog because of In Baku! And I'm quite sober! Most of the time!! But I am developing quite a taste for vodka!!!

    Anyway, a lot of my English students here in Baku are also following the blog now. Great writing. Keep it up!

  12. Rrruss,

    You are a teacher! That's a rare breed of expats in Baku. :)
    welcome to my blog, and thank you for the encouragement. I thrive on those. :)

  13. While waiting for a James Bond-esque dental appointment in Baku I first discovered InBaku magazine and the first article I (tried) to read was yours! You've gained atleast one new reader from it.

  14. Chris,
    Wow, that's two already! :))
    It is fascinating to find out how people find you, etc. I have quite a few peace corps readers actually. welcome!!!

  15. That agony uncle's pretty good too.... ;-)