A beautiful, sophisticated, not at all corrupt but very democratic, accepting and tolerant Azeri.

OK. For some reason, the name of this blog, scary azeri, really winds some azeris up. 

I can only assume that they feel insulted that those two words are being used in the same sentence. Somehow, in their little defected minds, it insults not only the whole nation, but also them personally and possibly, their mothers, too when I use the words Scary and Azeri so close to each other.

So let me explain. This is my blog. I called myself a Scary Azeri. Not you. Not your mother. Not your great grandmother. Not your president, or his wife. Not any other azeris, not even some really scary ones. 

I called the blog scary azeri because it rhymes. Why not? What would you prefer, I am just curious, that I called it? A Hairy Azeri was not bad, either, but I have a personal problem with that. 

But seriously, I am curious if those guys would prefer that I named the blog something like a Beautiful Azeri. Or a Sophisticated Azeri.  If I did that, would that make them happy? Because, according to their logic, whatever I dare to call my own blog reflects badly on the whole glorious nation. So I must not call it something disrespectful. I must change it to something that would make more idiots want to attend Eurovision 2012, even after the 9mln boxing medal bribe fiasco with the Olympic Committee. See what happens if you are not generous enough? Should have offered 9,5!! And, since all self-glorifying nations love long and pompous names, I should probably rename the blog to something like

A beautiful, sophisticated, not at all corrupt but very democratic, accepting and tolerant Azeri. 

Now, that’s better.

Anyway, on a separate topic, but still within the scary theme ... this lovely sunny morning, when I got up at 7am to breastfeed in the living room, I saw a proof that ghosts exist. 

It is really disturbing. Look, in this one photo it looks like he is trying to tell me something about this poor girl.

She has no idea this semi-transparent perv  is lurking right next to her. How spooky??? And in this other shot, he is trying to get out of the TV!
I showed the photos to Husband. Just to shake his atheist beliefs a little. Maybe get him to question things a bit more, you know?

‘Looks like a sign language guy to me’, Husband said dismissively. Why does he always have to do that?!


  1. Don't you remember Soviet news programs with a sign language interpreter in the lower right-hand corner of the screen? :-)) I always found myself staring at those all the time to the point of missing the contents of the news itself.

    Just ignore the stupid comments about your blog name. I think the name shows your healthy sense of humor in that it's self-deprecating and, as you said, rhymes well. It's funny how many narrow-minded people there are out there.

  2. LOL! Or, as we say in Spanish, ja, ja, ja.
    You see? It also looked like a language sign guy to me.
    On the other hand, just ignore those who feel offended by YOUR blog's name. Again, we have a saying in Spanish: Ladran Sancho, señal de que avanzamos. (They are barking, Sancho, that means we are moving forward). This is a quote from Don Quijote, that genius.

  3. @Marianna: No, I don't remember them in Soviet times...:-) I thought this guy was good, as he was made semi-transparent. I never saw them see-through before.

    @Gabriela: 'Ladran Sancho, señal de que avanzamos'.
    I LOVE that saying. :-)))

  4. Scary, thank you and keep doing what you are doing (Syana besh!). You are doing well. Do not pay attention to the people with sick sense of patriotism.

    @Gabriela: Russian have a similar saying:” Собака лает,ветер дует “that means :dog is barking and wind is blowing.

  5. Scary, if it weren't for your scary blog, not only would I not care about Azerbaijan, I wouldn't know it existed. And I'll tell you this: I'd be utterly disinterested in Azerbaijan if you tried to sell its virtues as though your blog were a tourist center.

    A country where men wear any color so long as it's black, where gossip jumps like lightning from cloud to cloud, where palms are greased as commonly as noses are wiped, and where Eurovision is a national obsession, is a country with character. It's a place worth reading about, and worth rooting for.

    May the Azeri people retain their identity and uniqueness until the sun burns out!

  6. @Mark

    Thanks. This is some pretty cool stuff you just said here. You are right, of course. I just wish more azeris (with their silly ideas about what true patriotism means), would get it. But alas...alas.

  7. Having met you, I think 'Scary' is an ideal descriptor....

  8. @northernrich: Excuse moi?!! what do you mean? I was not being at all scary when we met, was I? :-)

  9. In India we have a similar saying "kutta bawkta hai, hathi chalta hai" which means dog can bark, but the elephant will keep walking.

  10. Why don't you get rid of comment approval thingie, I'd love to see all hate comments.

  11. @Hikmet: I normally let through all comments, hate ones as well as nice ones. The approval thingie is mainly for the spam. I get a lot of comments from, say, a bloke in India saying: "I find your blog very useful." with a link to his site. It could be viruses, junk...all sorts. so I filter through. so unless the comment is borderline mental, with swearing and all that jazz, I normally am very democratic, indeed. I am all for the freedom of speech. ask kaweh. :-)


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