Armenians made me!

Oh, well. I might as well share this with you.

Otherwise, you might find out anyway-when I am properly famous, you know- and take offence I had not told you before. Also, once you become a blogger, you have to be prepared to expose some embarrassing aspects of yourself to whoever bothers to witness.

I did ask him nicely not to. Because, it was not an interview we were getting together for. It was to finally meet in person. A few Azeries meeting a few Armenians in London. Peace, friendship, festival as we say in Russian. Only, there is one particular British/Armenian journalist I don’t feel very peaceful towards right now! Not only I sound stupid (thanks to quite a few Pimm's and Lemonade) I also look terrible. But of course, he puts it all over Twitter and Facebook!

The original idea was to combine me with unzipped: gay Armenia blog which I thought was just a brilliant step towards the Armenia-Azerbaijan peace (friendship, festival...etc) making process.

Just imagine....

Scary Azeri and an Armenian gay rights activist. In one video interview. Sharing Pimm's and Lemonade in London. How impossibly cool would that be? But noooo...some people chickened out. I would like- for the peace-making record- to point out that I, Scary Azeri, was doing my part.

At some point, there was an sms from Husband on my phone:

Are you safe with the Armenians?

We sent a reply:

No she is not. That's why we have her phone.

I will hunt you down, husband replied. To get the iPhone.

Anyway, here it is.

Thankfully, it is short. And can I just add:

Remember, camera puts on a few pounds.

Also, I do have eyes in real life. I don’t know why they disappear after a few drinks and during a lot of laughing. I really do have eyes. Oh, well. Whatever! Cheers, Onnik. It was great to finally meet you in person. No bastourma, but I did get a nice b&w book of photos of Armenia. Something every scary Azeri should have on her coffee table.

Peace, Friendship, Festival.


  1. Haha! Was fab meeting you. Btw, just to clarify, this (video) was not my "original idea", no blame accepted for "chickening out" :)))

  2. Oh I've already seen this on Youtube! More videos please, davay!

  3. @Anonymous: The other one is too bad. even I have some pride.


  4. Are you actually blushing? Funny :)

  5. Finally a face for Scary Azeri.
    I saw Onnik in Santiago, at the GV Summit. I don't know why, I didn't have the nerve to introduce myself. Anyway, I'm sending my best to him with this comment.
    Saludos desde Lima.

  6. Good to meet you, and what a pity he didn't ignore the wobbles and relax you more to hear more details of your attitudes to blogging.

  7. You look great! I love that recognizable sarcastic spark in people's eyes (or maybe it's the pimms and lemonade.. either way, I like the video).
    Anyone visiting Istanbul anytime soon?

  8. @Mika: Chicken! :) You missed your chance to be uber cool, I am telling you.

    @Nata: It is probably the Pimm's. :)

    @Gabriela: Onnik is still upset you never gave him chocolates when you were in Santiago.

    @Bill: Yes, have you noticed? I was just getting in a proper serious answering mode when he interrupted me with his drunken shaking hands. Sounds wrong somehow. But you know what I mean.

    @Nigar: No, unfortunately not soon, not me, but LOVE Istanbul. Maybe one day. I thought you were in the States? ( from your profile)

  9. I can only agree with Nigar: You look great, even though footage was a bit shaky. I guess that over-consumption of Chilean wine on the photographer's part might have had something to do with the shaky hands. :D

  10. @Vilhelm: Thank you! I noticed how everyone is commenting on the looks; but nobody said "don't worry, Scary you dont sound stupid! " Hmm.....:))

  11. Douglas in NYC22 May 2010 at 08:37

    You look terrific, and when I saw you in October you were skinny as ever. Trolled through some past posts today and they are great!

  12. @Doug: October was a long time ago. :))) But thanks, darling. x

  13. Tell Onnik I'll have some chocolates for him at the next summit. Let's hope we are both included as attendees.

  14. Why do you mention weight in every single one of your posts. You are NOT fat. And we can see you have eyes. You are not that ugly, for an Azeri anyways!


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