Thursday, 6 May 2010

Make chocolates not war


I would like you all to memorize today as the first day of me becoming a real celebrity. A very small, malenkiy one, but still a celebrity. Because, today for the first time ever, I received a gift from my follower.

One day a week or so ago, I had an email from one of my most dedicated blog readers, Gabriela. 'I want to send you something by post' she said.

Hmm I thought.

Of course, I know Gabriela. I have seen her face on her blog, I have read her articles on global voices online. I know who she is- as far as virtual friends go.

I bet she is a man’, my boss declared. 'I bet she is a stalker'.

I got defensive. 'Why?' I said. 'What are you saying? Can’t a girl be a stalker?' The boss retreated. Nobody wants to be accused of sexual discrimination.

I wrote to Gabriela and told her that I hoped she understood, but I did not feel comfortable to disclose my home address to anyone I met online. But was more than happy for her use my work one.

Fortunately, Gabriela understood. And today, a small yellow jiffy bag with a lot of Peruvian stamps appeared on my desk.

I warned the colleagues it might be a bomb or anthrax, in which case perhaps I should open it outside the premises. They laughed, and I took that as a sign of their approval for me to go ahead. I ripped the bag and out came…...


Or, as Gabriela explained in her note, homemade tejas.

Part of me, drained by the recent stress of the school allocation f** up, secretly hoped they were packed with Peruvian marijuana. Or some other, more powerful substance. But I doubt it. If I know Gabriela-and I feel that I do-I doubt they have anything dodgy in them at all. I tried only one for now, as I have to watch that waistline, and I have to say:

Gabriela, they are fantastic!

What is even more amazing is that they are home made. Hand made. By Gabriela herself! I have no idea how it is possible-they look totally professional. Individually wrapped, with different fillings in them. Plum, raisin, coconut and pecan. The chocolate is delicious and smooth. Traditional Peruvian desert- just for me. How about that, eh?

How totally cool is that, I ask you?

I thought I should tell you about this for a number of reasons:

a) I wanted to announce to the world what a lovely person Gabriela was and thank her publicly.

b) It will demonstrate how much some followers must like scary azeri blog! So screw you, Sevdas and Atillas.

c) You never know, it might start a new trend, as some other followers might feel like they should send me lovely presents, too. Human nature, you know. Remember though: it does not have to be handmade chocolates. I’ll accept personal cheques too.

But really, I just wanted to say…

Gabriela, you are amazing. Thank you so much. Everyone else- be inspired by this example of generosity! Let it be your guide in life. Send love and chocolates across the borders, I say. Make chocolates, not war.


  1. Pecan, wow. OK Gabriela, here's the thing. Everything in my blog suggests that I'm male and live in Scotland. The photo, too, is misleading. In fact, I'm a very funny woman from Azerbaijan with offbeat ideas about the old country, the former Soviet bloc, British customs and prostitutes. I also do sketches.

  2. @Bill: Nice try!

    You see, why did I not think of asking you to write a title description for my blog? :) This sounds so much better than my "atheist pork eating blogger..."

  3. Ura for chocolates! How sweet of Gabriela!
    For a moment the dreaming side of me thought about politicians declaring chocolate wars on each other, sort of like pouring chocolate bars from the skies instead of bombs. The world would be a better place for sure:) Home made gifts are the best!

  4. @Farida,

    Politicians pouring chocs on each other?

    9 and 1/2 weeks politicians style, eh. :)

  5. You are like...Julie Powell from Julie and Julia...they're sending you hot sauce! Pozdravlaiyio!

  6. Dear Scary Azeri,
    I am a scary azeri too, but living in Lima at the moment :) Yes, they do have very tasty chocolates here and the Peruvian food is absolutely amazing! Wish I could send you some from here, but I am afraid it will get spoiled. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and finally it occurred to me now to become your follower :) Congrats to me yaaaay :)))

  7. Not only do you have a FAN, but one who sends gifts! Oh, I envy you. I really do.

  8. I got some splendiferously delicious Belgium chocolates from a fan, four years later moi needed a quintuple heart bypass.
    Of course.....the fifty-three years of cheese, whole-milk and meat may of added to that a bit, too.

    Stay on groovin' safari,

  9. @Jennifer: I wish!!!! I have not seen the movie yet. Might not do, as will probably suffer from blog envy. :)

    @Minai: Hey, azeri from Peru! Wow, cool. Not your typical destination for us, azeries. Hope you like it there, sounds pretty good...amazing chocs and food...what else can one wish for? Thank you for becoming a follower!

    @Linda: I am just going to say one thing. You are a writer! :)

    @Tor: Sounds like my kind of diet.

  10. Hello Scary:
    I read this post some days ago, but I'm currently in Chile with little time for e-mail.
    I simply loved this post. You moved me, really. Tell Husband I'm not a stalker... :D
    I am glad you enjoyed the chocolates. I am glad your mom could have some too.
    I am curious about that annonymous Azeri in Lima.
    Saludos desde Santiago.

  11. Hmmm, I never got any chocolates from Gabriela in Santiago... :(

    Oh, and btw: don't consider this common practice from Global Voices.

    What I mean is, don't expect any from me... ;)

  12. @Onnik,

    I am glad you read this just before we might be meeting up in person so soon!

    I mean, you can see Gabriela has set up some standards! I expect a souvenir from Armenia, where for obvious reasons I can not really travel to...something cute. Not necessarily pricey, even though pricey,of course, will make the best impression...

  13. Bring her some nice bastourma from Armenia!

  14. @Richard: Good idea, only I dont think Onnik is travelling straight from there...I know he will use that excuse.

  15. Hairy Armenian sasquatch from new jersey says hello love. We need more normal people like you around. Keep up the good work. My father played Arshin Mal Alan in plays at Armenian conventions. I used to have his costume too, until I had a fire and lost it.
    What is a Pimms?

  16. @Vbaboghlian: Dude, you sound dead sexy! :)

    Thank you for visiting the blog, and I am glad there ARE normal people like us in this world. This blog is a living proof that there is hope for the normal people to win over the crazy lot one day.

    Pimms is an alcoholic beverage. Very summery and refreshing. Mixed with lemodane and with added mint, cucumber and strawberries is very tasty.