Friday, 12 June 2009

“Mega, mega white thing”, or a little praise for Britain

I have been complaining so much in my blog that I suspect this local mummy (who I got very annoyed with) was actually right, when she said that all I do is moan all the time. I should of course, have replied that all she talks about is how wasted she had got the night before. But of course, being the lady that I am...I resisted.

So- no more complaining! For today, anyway.

I was driving to work a couple of days ago, and they played Born Slippy by Underworld on the radio.

To anyone who might say this song is nothing special, I will answer- You have no taste, my friends. And you probably listen to Britney Spears. I respect that.
(Well, I have got to say it, don’t I: so you don’t take offence and never return to this blog)

But please! Let me tell you about this song. It is a superb piece of music. More importantly, this song is just so quintessentially British. (I am sure you realize that you can not judge British music by the Eurovision contestants.)

Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of how cool this country actually is. Despite me moaning about it every day.

Years ago, I was sitting in my office back in Baku. I started typing an email to my British girlfriend (whom I had been staying with on my first ever trip to the UK. It is during that visit that I’d first heard the Born Slippy song.)

As I sat at my desk, messing about and just typing the words from the song: “lager, lager, lager….” a new mail envelope popped up on my screen. It was from this girlfriend in London, and it read: “mega, mega white thing….”

It was like we were in one room, singing in unison. I started the sentence- and she finished it.

As I sat there laughing at her email, I was thinking how cool it was that two people from very different cultures and backgrounds could have such a connection- at that very same moment in time, miles away from each other. It probably sounds a bit silly. But to me, the fact that I could feel that song was like a sign that I could accept this culture as my own, and feel at home.

One of my old girlfriends shared a fascinating theory with me. According to her, you have to be married into your own culture for the marriage to be successful. You are from different pots, she said. The brunches, she announced poetically, might intertwine well enough, but the roots will always come from different pots.
(I might have mentioned before I have friends who say what they think?)

I love this pots theory, by the way, and use it every time I disagree with husband. I tell him he does not get me because he is from a different pot! Perfect excuse for any sort of misunderstanding.

Some things are just hard to explain. Like why you like one particular song and not another. Or why you fancy one bloke and not someone else, who might be taller or richer, or from your pot. Sometimes you just feel things and can not explain why. This country, just like any other, has its problems. But it has music that gives me goosebumps, and good Chinese food, so it suits me just fine.


  1. I agree with you on this:
    "I was thinking how cool it was that two people from very different cultures and backgrounds could have such a connection- at that very same moment in time, miles away from each other."
    And I don't think it is silly at all. It's something unexplainable you just feel.

  2. Just listened to "Born Slippy" - не зацепило... Switching back to Britney...

  3. ...or may be you just did not feel you wanted to stay in Baku forever and that is why you were always British (American, Dutch etc.) guys oriented, as potential husbands? I am not saing you would accept any guy just because he is an American (British). I am just saing you weren't really ready for a relationship with an azeri guy.

  4. Umm.. Chinese food seemed out of place in the last sentence... You like Britain because it has good _Chinese_ food?...

    I listened to Born Slippy out of curiosity. Not my kind of song at all. I guess I just have a different taste from yours :-)

  5. Riyad:

    Oh no, not Britney! :)

    OK, perhaps you did not get the born slippy song. But try Muse when you have a minute. If you are a bit geeky, just like me, you might like it. For some reason, geeks dig Muse. :))

  6. I think this sentence about mixture love to Britain & Chinese food not very bad,becouse for me it means our grateful fillings for this country,where you can enjoy not only different coisine, but realize your dreams too ;-)

  7. Thanks for dropping by mine, I owe Fiona a drink....MH x

  8. I just listened to Muse and man, it IS really cool! So I'm a geek, who cares :-) Thanks for the tip.

    "Supermassive Black Hole" reminded me of Depeche Mode's glory days. Them Brits sure know how to make good music.

  9. Oh, they are the best. :) I could go on about Muse for the length of this whole blog, so will just say I am going to their concert in October! They are stunning live.
    Glad you enjoyed it.