Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The old age is here...

The other day we sat outside our little village café, basking in the glorious summer sunshine and sipping ice coffee when a young girl walked by, in a very short skirt.
I would not even call it a skirt, but I am trying to be nice.

I looked (shades on, of course) and might have made a comment about teenagers these days.

Husband asked if I was planning to wear a burka next, the way I was turning so conservative.

-You used to wear short skirts!- he exclaimed. I of course, laughed it off. However, have been thinking about the changes in my personality. Am I indeed, becoming more conservative? Is it the suburban life? Is it becoming a mother? Or is it what I suspect it really is: am I just getting old?

Because he is right, husband of mine. I did wear short skirts. I proudly strode into his life: high heels, rottweiler on the lead, trendy short hair messed up, cigarette in my hand.

And now I am sitting in a café, glaring at teenage girls in micro skirts and fishnet stockings, worrying if in ten years time my little girl will be parading around looking like a cheap tart.

You don’t realize when it happens. It sneaks up on you while you are busy washing up or having a baby. You spend a fortune on expensive eye creams to fight early wrinkles, but it is the way you look at teenage girls that turns you into a grown up.


  1. When I was 24 I finally put on a bra, and I still regret it.

  2. And I guess the worst part is when you realize you sound like your own mom or (even worse!) your grandma!

  3. When I am telling to my husband that is is very sad, that when woman is turning 60 nobody is looking at her as at a woman (50 year old girls are still pretty hot for 70 year old boys :)) My husband always sais: At that time people have some different things they find interesting. It is not only about to be sexy.
    May be he is right!
    But I am not sure about that...

  4. If you're uncomfortable with being and thinking the way you are/do, then fight it. Put on a short skirt and feel like you are 20 again --that will sure make your husband excited ;) I personally respect that in women and I don't like it when women (including myself) come up with excuses for not being the way they want to be. But if you are not comfortable dressing like that now, ask yourself why. Did you put on extra weight? I am sure you can shed it in no time if you set your mind to it. Whatever the reason, get to the bottom of it and fix it.

    As they say in Odessa, "Kakie vashi gody?" Not sure I can translate that accurately into English :-)

  5. See? Who needs a shrink? :)))
    thanks Marianna. :))

  6. Typical azeri criticism.....