Sunday, 23 August 2009

No Hally Berry

Tonight, husband is watching Domino with Kiera Knigtley. There are a few actresses I hate with passion, and Kiera Knitley is probably No2.
No1 is Helena Bonham Carter. She looks like she could do with a good wash.

I received this email today from a good family friend of ours:

“Boys are allowed to watch Steven Seagal, but not for the reasons you would suspect. It has to do with the fact that he is getting old and has to cover his beer belly with long leather jackets and bowling shirts. It makes all realize that sooner or later we all go to shit.

I do not know if your Azeri upbringing ever included Julia Childs the mother of TV cooking shows. She was larger than life slightly uncoordinated liked to sip her Martini’s and sample wine while cooking but truly a joy to watch. This movie is about Julie a young woman in New York who decides to in 1 year cook every recipe in Julia’s famous cook book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and write a blog while doing it.

I actually read your blog some days and find it incredibly funny, just cannot bring myself to respond back on it (crap, would Steven Segal comment on a blog, I think not he would have bad guys to murder while hiding his beer belly).
Anyway the movie was absolutely wonderful and watching her blog develop made me think of you. Keep it up your writing is outstanding and your drawings are wonderful.

From your biggest closet blog reader. “

It made my day.

To be honest, not many of my real life friends or even my husband bother to read what I write here. And I don’t expect them to.

So I feel grateful when someone I consider cool tells me he occasionally reads and enjoys it. He is a grown up, you know. He is clever, successful and funny. I feel flattered and slightly embarrassed at the same time.

And who cares that another good old friend told me I needed an editor for my writing. She asked: “Who told you it was good?” and then, to apologize, emphasized that "the sketching was actually quite nice".

You can never please everybody, can you? Neither do you have to.

Another old friend of mine was once told by her brother that even if she suddenly decided to design and make some hand-crafted exotic wood coffins - there would be people in this world who were looking for that very thing.

So what I wanted to say is… you know, cheers, guys. Yes, you guys. The ones who comment often, and the ones who never say anything at all, because they are too cool, like Steven Seagal. The ones who come back (either openly or secretly: who cares?)

The ones who are supposed to hate me just because I come from Azerbaijan and their country is at war with it, but yet, they have been the most supporting bunch-ever.

The ones who had never before even heard of Azerbaijan, but just enjoy the read anyway.

The fellow Azeries, who laugh with me at the familiar, sometimes forgotten scenes from our past that we all share forever.

I just wanted to say “thank you”, whilst trying not to sound like Hally Berry at the Oscars here. Not just because she was pretty pathetic, but also because let’s face it…I am not Hally Berry and never will be.

Oh, and Hally Berry is my No 3.


  1. I can't speak about others, but I came accross your blog completely randomly (<-Is my grammar ok?). Anyway, I stuck around because you're an excellent writer and your stories are amusing. Blogs like yours are always a great discovery, because I am very selective. I love reading blogs, but sometimes it gets too much, so I rather focus on the ones I truly like. And you're definitely on the list.

    And the fact that your hubby likes Steven Seagal movies makes it even more appealing to drop by ;)

  2. Nice post. Keep it up. You're doing a grand job :-)

  3. I guess a message like that one will make the day for anyone. It would work for me at least.
    And yes, you can never please everyone. So, just ignore some people and go ahead.
    Saludos desde el PerĂº.

  4. You blog is one of a kind. Do not listen to those who sound discouraging. Your writing style is absolutely amazing. Editor for you? No, I don't think so. Keep up the good work!

    P:; Yes, I do the food photography on my blog (to answer your question):)

  5. Poor Steve. He is getting a bit old isn't he? Still, I enjoy watching his old movies from time to time. He did kick some ass.

    I like Keira Knightly's face, but that's about it. As for Helena, I think she looked best and did her best acting as a monkey in the remake of Planet of the Apes. Oops!

    You're absolutely right that you can never please everybody. Someone I know told me that once, or maybe more than once and it's starting to sink in.

    I won't lie and say I read your blog religiously, but when I do I'm definitely engaged by the content. Keep blogging!

    ...and have a good day!

  6. Agree that Helena Bonham Carter usually looks like she needs a good scrub but she really is a good actress. And please leave Kiera alone. The catfight on the catwalk scene in Domino is fantastic (as is Kiera in general).

  7. Scaryazeri, you should have written how people, who knew you for a very short time, recognize you after 15 years just because of your style, views and personality (without any photos). You ARE unique!!! And although my views and perspectives are very different from yours (quite often), as an Azeri, I am proud of you.

  8. @ Fab Cook: Kiera is working too hard on looking cool and sexy. By constantly pouting her lips she tries the Angelina Jolie look, and it sort of works- but only because of her enormous fangs. Other than that...sorry. VERY annoying. Especially in the "Pirates of the Caribbean". Now, Johny Depp on the other hand....hmmmmmm
    @ Brad Farless: Thanks, I noticed you visiting before but did not know your name. I liked your Helena comment, and I totally agree. She was fantastic as an ape. It is the dirty look that worked so well in that role.

  9. U have a wonderful blog and don't need an editor for
    a) in the first place u write for yourself, not for others, don't u ))? (imagine one having his diary edited ))?)
    b) And u do it well - I personally look forward to every new posting guessing what this one will be about ))).
    If u love writing, keep on it, there are obviously more and more people pleased by that )).
    I compliment not only your stories but also your style.
    P.S. Hate Kiera Knigtley, she's the same in every part, perhaps she's just too young )). P.P.S Bonham Carter is a good actress ))).

  10. I think maybe the friend that said you need an editor could be a tad jealous of your writing style. For someone whose 1st language is not English, you have an amazing grasp of it. I know people born and bred in the UK who could not even begin to write like you. Your blogs are excellent, informative and humourus. Long may you keep it up.

  11. Keep up the GOOD writing! I love it.

  12. I enjoy your blog because you write about the exactly culture clash things that I recognise from my life with B in the UK only, to my slight irritation, much better than I could.

    On the other hand it does give me ideas. Immitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery.

    An editor? Pah.

  13. Cool! I lurve your blogs. And I hate Keira Knightly too (as well as Steven Seagal).

  14. I love Ms. Berry. She is beautiful and is a great actress.
    I have a soft spot for beautiful mixed race people. I think they give hope to the rest of us. Hope for acceptance.

  15. Your friend is just jealous! She doesn't have anything like this. Does she?
    But Helena Bonham Carter is one of my favorite actresses! A lot of personality, a lot of talent!

  16. That was funny! I don't like Keira, because I think she is "une grande asperge" (a tall asparagus) but I like Halle Berry because she is a beautiful mixed race woman and I love that fact alone. As for Helena, I like her acting.