Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A bit of excitement on a dull Tuesday morning never hurt anybody.

He was brutal.

Looking at his gentle youthful face and slender body, one would never expect him to turn out to be such a sadist. Whenever I saw him before, he always smiled gently and said hello, ever so politely, and never appeared intimidating or threatening.

He mentioned to me when we first met, that if I decided I fancied it, I should just ask. That’s his job he said. I did not have to give him any advance warning, just check if he was free.

And today, I saw him doing nothing. He looked bored, and was polishing the equipment. I was not entirely alone: a couple of my friends were nearby. I decided it was probably OK to ask, and walked over to him.

-So?- I said- Come on then. Can we do it now?
-Yeah, sure! -he replied, and led me to the corner, picking up some mats and throwing them on the floor.

OK, I might have said that before, but it is worth repeating- to reinforce that image in your memory- before we go any further: I am a respectable married suburban woman.

First, he made me sit very close to him and interlock our legs together. Then, he gave me a ball to hold. And then, he told me to "go down". I looked up at him suspiciously, searching for any sign of harassment. Surely, he was winding me up? But he had a very straight face on. He was not smiling. He did not even blink.

Come on! Down!- he commanded, and I suddenly realized it was not such a good idea after all.

When I could not breathe any longer, he told me to change the position.

Right”-he said to me and my friends, who were sitting next to us-“Watch, everybody. Now, you lie down this way, with your head underneath your partner…”- he ordered.

I obeyed, glancing at my friends to judge their reaction. We were supposed to go for a coffee after that session. I was not sure anyone would want to be seen out with me after this ever again.

No”- he said- “Your head has to be right between my legs

Eh? Surely, I thought, my husband will object to that?

I barely knew the guy. I did not even remember his name, to be honest, and he was not my type. That had never happened to me before. I looked around to ensure nobody else was watching. I chose to strain my neck and look ahead, where a large poster showed a gorgeous girl kicking her leg really high up in the air, her stomach muscles toned.

Right. Just breathe deeply and look forward, not up- I thought to myself -Focus on the girl, and breathe.

Legs up!”- he ordered. I lifted my legs up, and he pushed them away roughly.
Keep bringing them up!”- he shouted as I paused to catch my breath.

After that session, I could barely walk. My legs shook as I stumbled on and out, and into the car.

And all I wanted is to look like that girl on the poster. Maybe one day. I surely suffered enough abuse today.


  1. That's why I don't work out! ha, ha.

  2. I assume it is a very non-Azeri behavour--the workout:-)

  3. There is no gain without pain, 'or so some fool once said. Once you are able to walk again you will notice the benefits

  4. Hey Scary,

    I nominated you for an award you'll hopefully enjoy. Check out Free The Princess if you want the details!

    P.S. Once I'm done with my MS I'll send you those sentences. It's currently spread out in various pieces on my hard drive.

  5. Would it be different if he was your kind of guy? :)))

  6. @ MattDel: Thank you! and congrats, I heard you were getting married?

    No probs, as I said I am happy to help, just send them over when you are ready.
    thanks for following the blog and thanks for the award.

  7. @ Ptichkin: :) No. It was a joke. :)