Friday, 25 September 2009

Ever wondered what people REALLY think?

This is not a separate post. It is more like a PS to the previous post. Apologies. I wanted to put it in the comments section, because really, it is about your comments. But I wanted everyone to see, and was not sure everyone bothers to read comments except for me. I love them. :)

For two different reasons, these two comments arrived by email. These are two different guys, and both wanted to tell me what they really thought about my last posting. I enjoyed reading these, so I thought I would share them with you. I know one of them is pretty harsh. Another one is just interesting. further comment from me. Enjoy! And do send me comments and let me know what you really think. There is an option to remain anonymous, you know.

No 1

"I tried to respond to your blog today. I don’t have a Google account, don’t know what a URL is and am too impatient to figure out how to get on it. Please find what I wrote attached below. I would seriously tell your friend to pound sand and husband to think back on all the places he has been and things he has done.

After watching people eat rice out of a barbequed goat with their fingers, sitting in a Russian Sauna naked while people whip sweat around and over each other with 2 week old used birch branches, doing Sushi in Almata with a naked Kazak woman serving as the plate, sharing a water cup on Aeroflot with 20 other passengers (thank god I was first)and then there is the Russian dried fish routine where they beat the fish on any hard surface until it starts to break up then 20 little hands start ripping at it.

Who the hell cares about a hair on the floor, god does anybody think their own hair does not fall on the floor and is it also against Miss Manners laws if a hair falls out and hits the floor itself without you noticing.

Lets put things in perspective here, I remember sitting in the Italian restaurant in Baku with 3 Chinese managers newly allowed out and watched them spit everything they did not like from a fabulous meal on the floor, the chef had good reason to be majorly pissed for me bringing them there.

If somebody said anything to me about flicking a hair on the floor I think I would have to leave before I laughed at them

No 2

"People in Baku are too impatient, too eager to say something, too
enthusiastic! " - Sorry dude, I have to call bullshit on this one. The
reason for them talking out of turn is the same one they have for
driving like shit, not being able to stand in a queue, and other
anti-civil behaviour - no one gives a shit about anybody other than
themselves except for those that wield some kind of power over them be
it a senior family member, boss, etc. They are obsequious with those
people. Everybody else can essentially go fuck themselves as far as
civil behaviour is concerned. Of course this is not a blanket
statement that applies to "everybody" but, in my observations, it does
apply to the vast majority.

Wanted to put this in the comment but did not want to start a flame war."


  1. Guy #1 sure had a lot of interesting life experiences... Perhaps he should start his own blog? That would give him a Google account, too.

  2. And for guy #2 - chilax, dude... You know the reason for this, right? "Kultur-multur yoxdur". Or, as they say in English, "lack of culture-multure".

  3. I agree with Riyad: sometimes I wonder why some people don't start s blog to air their views and opinions.
    I also wonder: how come the hair is an object of cult when it is correctly placed, i.e, attached to your head, but it turns into something completely disgusting when it is found somewhere else?

  4. Scary, please explain to me, what you were supposed to do with those two hairs of yours according to the British etiquette? Ignore them? Pick them up and rush to the bin? Pick them up, wrap in a serviette and put beside your plate? Drop them on the floor with nobody noticing your "wrongdoing"? Or there is an alternative I don't know about? I am literally molting in spring and usually have more than two hairs all around me at that time of the year (a human being can shed 100-150 hairs a day) and now I feel confused :"Vaaaaay, what do people think of me?"

  5. :) Sofisticos,

    I loved the "wrap it in the serviette and put beside the plate" option!
    Well, I have no idea either. I suspect, you should quietly gather them in your hand and go to the bin or the toilet. When my friend told me it was gross, I picked them up from the floor and went to the bin. Did not quite have any option.

  6. OK, I have to say this... Azeris (myself included) can interrupt each other, speak loudly, etc... but I was shocked at how loudly American blow their noses. This would be considered extremely rude in Azerbaijan. I guess I got used to it after years in the US but it used to send shivers down my spine when my US coworkers (mind, many were very educated and supposedly, well mannered people) started blowing their noses at the dinner table. OK, there, I got it out of my chest. Feels good to know we are not the only "medeniyyetsiz" nation in the world. Even though manners are really a matter of culture.

  7. Marianna,
    Oh,yes, I hate the nose-blowing thing as well. But it is not just the Americans, believe me. :)))