Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New York state of mind.

Guess what, people? Scary is going to New York! Yes! Today!

Well, technically speaking, I am only going to spend a few hours in New York; just enough to significantly damage my credit card. The rest of it is taking place in Montauk. (Stalkers, make a note: about 3 hours away. Hamptons.)

And, very typically, so far:

1) I have no idea how I am getting there. The only train from NY to Montauk that departs on the day I need to get there has a (very familiar to any British person) ‘replacement bus service’ somewhere on route. In a twisted way, those words made me feel at home.

2) Not sure what I am wearing yet. Because I am:

a) Stupid- because I left it too late assuming due to the gruelling exercise routine I have been on, I must be slimmer than I was…..Nope.

b) Fat -because I can barely squeeze in the pretty dress that is hanging in my wardrobe. A kind of dress that in this country can only be worn to a wedding. Not like back in Baku. If I had that dress in Baku it would get worn a lot. Because, in Baku I had plenty of occasions to dress up for. A British Society Ball. A New Year Ball. A Scottish Ball. An Irish Ball. Etc, etc. In the UK, however, unless you belong to the Royal family or work somewhere very posh and trendy, you don’t really have anywhere to dress up for. This dress is now going to hang in my wardrobe for an unforeseen future.

3) Husband, who works flexibly, is working on the day I fly out and on the day I return. Which means no lift and some additional stress of arranging childcare.

4) It is forecasted to rain all weekend. It will rain at the terrace where we are supposed to be having drinks. It will also rain on the beach where they planned a bonfire after-party. I thought I was leaving the UK behind me for a week. The rain, the replacement bus services…. Looks like I am taking it all with me.

So really, I have been thinking…If I were a believer, I would imagine that Mr God is trying to send me a message. He is looking down at me, shaking his head and saying to his mates up there, in heaven: ‘Honestly, what else could I do? I have sent her, like 10 clues and she is still not listening! It is entirely her fault!

Wish me luck.


  1. Scary, maybe the great know it all in the heavens was trying to tell you to put your Credit Card back under the mattress where it should only be removed in extreme emergencies. Anyway have a great time and I'm sure whatever you choose to wear you will knock them off their feet.

  2. Have fun!! I had to take a bus too, when I went to Montauk. I think it was this one:

  3. Good luck!
    I'd love to get back to NYC soon. I hope I'll do it some time.
    All the best.

  4. Hi Scary,

    Hope you have fun. Weather in NY this moment is excellent. I emailed you my cell number so if you want to try for coffee on Thursday let me know.

  5. New York is a great city! Make the most of it. And Montauk is very nice, as well.

  6. Have fun in NY! Please share your experiences when you are back. Yaxsi yol:)