Friday, 4 December 2009

About good looks, Cherie's mouth and Putin's torso

Wow, cool. Steven Seagal has just cut a huge boob open ( on a dead girl) and took a chunk of silicon out.

My mother is concerned about this posting. She is concerned on two levels, both equally important:

a) She is worried I am stepping into politics, and, as some of us know too well, it is not a wise move.
b) She thinks I might appear really stupid. Because saying what I am about to say here is not something smart and serious people would say.

But I think:

a) I am not into politics enough to discuss it on this blog. I would have to feel strongly about it, hope I could change something and be a little less cynical than I really am.
b) So what? I am just messing about.

I told you before I was a shallow person, and that I liked good looking people. I like to surround myself with pretty things. Even my Rottweiler is devilishly handsome.

And I can easily dislike someone based on their looks. And I am sorry, but I feel the same way about politicians. I mean, just look at Putin. How can anyone be liked when he has a face like that? A Russian friend of mine, by the way, tried to convince me he was a sex symbol back in Russia. A sex symbol. That, I guess, explains his apparent confidence behind the naked torso photos we were all unfortunate enough to see in the news.

So I just wanted to show you this photo- for those of you who happen to read this blog but have no clue where and what Azerbaijan is.

This is our first lady.

How about that?

Don’t you think having such a good looking first lady is something to be smug about?
In fact, I would argue that Azeries have one of the best looking first ladies in the world. Never mind Mrs Obama’s arms.

Not only does Azeri first lady look good, she also seems very civilized. She wears short skirts and does it elegantly. Do you realize how cool that is for a Muslim country? Every time I see a picture of her, I think of that scary old man who was trying to lead the country in a completely different, burka-wearing direction. Again, just look at this guy. See what I mean? Appearances matter.

A friend of mine, a bigger patriot and a passionate revolutionary deep inside, was outraged.
Anyone with that much money can look this good!- he spat out.

OK, I said, I appreciate that. But I still think it is pretty cool, considering what we could have ended up with. So, I was proudly showing her photo in Russian Harper's’ Bazaar to my English friends, who for a while had the first lady with a mouth that did not look human. Neither did it look like a mouth. Plain scary, if you ask me.


  1. Definitely: appearance matters, a lot. That's for sure.

  2. Yes,She is beautiful.We,Azeries,love her and very proud having such First Lady.You can read more info about at Wikipedia.

  3. Now to be fair, lets take a look at the picture of her husband, actual Mr. President. It's not a pretty sight.
    When I think about what these people represent, how they look really doesn’t matter. What they do to the country really does. Watching western medial fall at her feet just because she looks good in Armani suggests level of shallowness that is truly scary.

  4. Mehriban Aliyeva is a gorgeous lady. She even outshines her own daughters. I can't say the same about her husband though lol. The Alieyvs are for sure a beautiful family (lookswise) but it doesn't change the fact how they run the country. I have to agree with Nata here.

  5. @Nata and Sabina....

    I know what you mean, of course I do. But it is not as simple as wearing Armani, I never meant that. Also, this posting was purposely not a serious political statement of any sort. :)

    However, I just wanted to ask you both...What do you think that "national front", should they have ever succeeded have done to Azerbaijan's future? What do you think Elchibey would have done to us, women in Azerbaijan? Any other cool figure you have in mind who would NOT be corrupt, but also would be civilized and not a bit too hmm...what would the word be...scarily islamic? You might be too young to remember, but I actually do- quite well!- the fear and worries we had those days. So really, it is quite a complicated discussion and I am not serious enough expert to get into it. Also, I am too cynical. I think all politicians are crooked- to a certain extent. And just how badly crooked they are depends on too many factors.

  6. Yes, Scary Azeri I agree, most politicians are crooked, but ours win the prize when it comes to that :D I don't know what would happen if Elchibey remained our president. Honestly, I don't know much about our politicians and I would most certainly never support a scary islamist lol. Mullah anyone? Anything but that please! At this point I can't name a cool person who would be a good candidate because of my lack of knowledge in this area ... But I would love to see an open-minded candidate who would support education and freedom of speech in Azerbaijan. I want Azeris to be free in expressing themselves and make funny jokes about politicians, ourselves just like the Brits and Americans. We are missing a lot if you compare us to other nations, unforunately :(

  7. Sabina, I wouldn't compare us (Azeris) to such nations as Brits and Americans. Rather lets compare our country to developing countries and be happy that we're ahead of many in that respect. I'm not a fan of Mehriban and although I find her pretty, her attitude and the way she carries herself isn't impressive to me. I think princess Diana was way more attractive with her warm smile and charity involvment, but why should I compare them in the first place. I think not everything is lost for Azerbaijan and it's moving forward in hopefully right direction. I like your falling snowflakes, Scary!

  8. I'm even more reluctant to post a comment than you were to dip into politics, Scary, and I'm totally ignorant about Azeri internal affairs. My hope always, though, is that putting a woman in charge will blunt the crazy impulses which drive the usual power-mad macho leaders and maybe introduce a little compassion rather than the 'who's got the biggest (supply your own noun)'. So far I've been disappointed. Thatcher (whom people said had huge sex appeal) was a disaster. The saintly Princess Di did rock the royal boat (so thanks to her for that) but equally, she was killed while indulging in an affair and hardly acting as an ideal mother.

    The other thing about Thatcher was that she had no sense of humour (Di, on the other hand, must have had one because she actually married a joke).

    Sorry, I'm not contributing anything useful to the discussion - but Mehriban is a beautiful woman and surely she can't be as bad (politically speaking) as George Bush or Berlusconi.

  9. @ Sevda

    Okay, I get your point. Maybe comparing ourselves with Brits or Americans isn't a rational idea, but what about our neighbouring country Georgia? Georgian capital has less Versage boutiques (perhaps none) than Baku, but they have something more valuable: freedom of speech. And besides, their police won't take bribes :)))But yeah, enough whining from my part :D

    P.S love the snow flakes Scary Azeri, makes the site so cosy I am getting the xmas feeling hehe :D

  10. I read those comments and at the same moment in my head blazed up the storm of emotions:I can do it,I will give right answer,sincerely,but then I stopped myself and thought a while:but where is the truth?How is possible to reform the Nation which genetic liable to be corrupt?Which majority loves and respects to take-give bribes?If the tree decayed from the roots,how make it to be healthy again?Azerbaijan is not single in the list of "bad" countries and doing first steps on the way of Democracy.No one,even most progressive man or woman,can solve this situation.We are deserve what we have got.Some people,who refuse that life and live abroad sometimes have very brave voices.I think,it is easy to be brave from so far away(sorry about)

  11. Georgia? Excuse me,you have no idea what is going on in this country.Poor georgians....

  12. looks like I'm gonna post my 4th comment in a row :) I feel like a stalker :D

    Georgia is number 66 on the list of corruption perceptions ranking of countries and Azerbaijan is number 143. Don't believe me? just google it for yourself.These are statistics and not me being ''brave'' from abroad. You can think whatever you want to think about me or insult by calling me ''brave'', but trust me I'm not saying these things because I enjoy doing it so much. If anything I'd rather talk about food or music.

  13. Sabina,
    thank you, I love heated discussions on my blog, makes it look good. :))) hehehe
    Don't worry about being a stalker. You sound like a nice stalker. I am happy with the ones like you. :)

  14. So, what you are saying is this: Mehriban Aliyeva, a billionaire, looks good in a staged photoshoot, and that makes her a good politician. Abulfaz Elchibey, an underpaid scientist/researcher, looks bad on a grainy YouTube video, and that makes him a bad politician.
    You can't seriously be that shallow?!

  15. Riyad:

    No, I did not say that. I said I quite enjoy the fact the Azeri first lady looks so civilized. I also said I am quite pleased she is not wearing a burka. To me, that is an important factor. I remember how afraid I was when National Front was going to take over. Things would have been very different for azeri women then. I never tried to make this posting into a serious political debate. It is light-hearted and silly, and I thought I explained that. :)
    But i might have confused some issues a little. I look at a person and I make my mind up. I look at Elchibey, whether it is a good quality tape or a bit grainy, and think- Islamic fundamentalist. Sorry. That is just what I remember about the guy. He scared the hell out of me.
    So it is not very easy to explain, I guess without being accused of being shallow.

  16. Scary, Elchibey was never an islamic person,, let alone fundamentalist. The only Azerbaijani politician who was seeking support from mullahs was the playboy (his own words)Ayaz Mutallibov, who is in Moscow now. Elchibey was totally secular, he was nationalist, panturkist, but never islamist. As for the Aliyev family, I would rather prefer less attractive and less corupt leaders of the country.

  17. Quite an interesting blog I have to say. In some posts (including this one) you describe Azerbaijan as a Muslim country. In fact, it's not. Just because most people are muslim doesn't doesn't mean that we it's a Muslim state

  18. OK, people are getting too technical on me nowadays. It is not, technically speaking, a Muslim state. It is full of Muslims though, so it can be called a Muslim country. Not a state. Is this better, grasivi? :)

  19. I know nothing about any of the politics you folks are discussing and prefer to remain ignorant. Yes, that's narrow-minded but it does keep me out of a lot of arguments.

    I would like to address Scary's comments about enjoying beauty. Most of us--if not all of us, whether we admit it or not--prefer looking at something beautiful than something ugly. It's more pleasant.

    Some of us tolerate the less-than-beautiful more than others, but I don't see that preferring to look at something pleasing is so awful.

    I'd rather look at a flower than a pile of dirt. That's because I find flowers more beautiful than dirt. You may disagree. Especially if you're a farmer. And especially if the flower you're looking at is a weed sprouting from your 100-acre pile of dirt.

    Making judgments based on beauty is what gets people into trouble. When I first moved to the Rocky Mountains in western Montana (US), I noticed we had these beautiful purple flowers growing on tall, spiky, silvery-green stems. Turns out they're a noxious weed. Go figure.

  20. Linda,

    Thanks for visiting and sharing your opinion on this. It is not just about beauty. I think, and it has nothing to do with this particular person/example, that most of us make a quick judgment based on appearances.

    As you rightly pointed out, some would not like to admit to it. However...

    Only today, I was at a child's party. The entertainer looked dodgy. He just did. And his support act looked like she was a heavy drinker. A friend asked me what I thought, and I told him. He said no, not a drinker, a coke addict perhaps. And we laughed. But do you know what I mean? We see some signs we recognize. From experience, from some deeply buried database in our brains. You can call it stereotyping, perhaps. But it works in a lot of cases. I always think of that Agatha Christie method, where she drew a personality portrait based on whether someone reminded her of someone else she knew.

  21. Hi again. I didn't mean to be too technical. It's just about the common perception of foreigners visiting Azerbaijan. Most of them expect to meet deeply religious people and women wearing hijab. They get quite surprised when they don't come across a single woman wearing hijab during their stay. I'm absolutely sure that you see more true Muslim women in London rather than in Baku.

    Yes, most people consider themselves Muslims. However, Azerbaijanis are among the least religious nations (5th). And here is the source -