Tuesday, 22 December 2009

About Islam

OK, first of all, I must apologize: I had no intention of talking about Islam today. I lied. Just noticed that as soon as I mention the word Islam, it brings a lot of traffic to my blog. So I cheated. I know, I know. Not fair. Tough.

Now, back to the real topic. You might be looking at this picture and thinking it was taken in some cosy suburban bistro. Well, the truth is... Net. This hmm...thing is proudly hanging in my kitchen.

I would just like to know. Is it possible to have a partially bad taste? A bad taste in specific stuff?

Because, I would like to think I had a good taste. For instance, in clothes. I am perhaps, a little conservative in my choices, but not dreadful. I remember that one hooker in Baku, who always (after she got married to a rich expat, and viewed herself as a ladyeeee ) dressed in one shade of the same colour. She particularly favoured light blues and pinks. She must have thought it was a sign of elegance and chic. Also, it was simply a very safe choice. If you have bad taste and are worried people would guess as much, it is easier to just go for the same colour, rather than risk matching any other to it.

But back to me, if you don’t mind.

I am pretty sure I am not as sad as that hooker when it comes to my wardrobe selection. Or music. Or furniture. Or jewellery. Many other things, really. But, clearly, not when it comes to things that go on the walls.

I already told you i had once bought some very bad paintings, whilst pregnant in Baku. That time, I blamed pregnant brains for that lack of judgement. But this time... I bought this thing. Nobody influenced me, nobody forced me into it.

How is this possible, I ask you? Honestly, am not a chushka with no taste. But clearly, when it comes to things that go on my house walls, there is some uncontrollable chushka switch in my brain that just operates of its own accord. And now I have this thing on my wall. Husband, of course, hates it. Friends hate it. And I myself can see what they mean. But something just happened to me and I liked it, and bought it. The more I look at it, the more confused I get, because I do not really want to live in a suburban bistro in mid 70s'. I would love my home to be modern, stylish and cool. But I paid for it and announced to the world that I loved it. So I have to live with it. A bit like that expat with his hooker wife. He always knew what she was. He knew what everyone else thought. So, he and I have something in common. We both now have to live with our (embarassing) choices.


  1. Hahaha! Where's the post about Islam?

    I use a simple rule: I decorate walls ONLY with things that mean a lot to me. As a result, some walls are desperately empty, but it feels better than seeing something you hate every day.

    Happy holidays, Scary! I enjoyed reading (aloud to Hubs) your posts in 2009.

  2. Hey Tatevik,
    Thanks for the comment and for the wishes, happy hols to you (and hubs) too!

    The THING does mean a lot to me! It has bottles of red wine! That means a huge lot to me! :)))

    Here is to more in 2010.

  3. ha-ha:) I opened my laptop to look-up a stuffing recipe for the roastbeast and here I am reading your post instead. I have the same problem with taste: clothes thumbs us, decorating thumbs down. I think it maybe because we all grew-up in a Soviet style apartments, where there wasn’t a lot of choices in decorating, so where would we learn this skill? That’s why I delegated decorating to my husband, I just have to tell him what I want and then adjust his choices just a little until we both agree on the final result. He has an eye for art, which I don’t, that helps a lot.
    Happy Holidays & enjoy your poster, who cares what other people think! It's your wall :)

  4. I think,Nata is right,lack of taste is bond with where you are from,it is job of generations.Anyway some people were born with excellent taste,but it-is very seldom.Some people think good taste depends of an amount of a money,but I don't think so,look,we have a lot of examples,Queen is at the top of tasteless celebs List.So,Scary,work hard ,improve your art skills or listen to your husband :-)

  5. I like your art piece :)))
    Our days people frame couple lines and think this is an art.
    If you feel comfortable with it - doesn't really matter what people say.
    You probably changed your mind about it because husband hates it?
    Just ignore him!!! :)))))))
    Happy New Year!

  6. I honestly think you are a chushka. Just look at your postings and your views. For example this article; naming it Islam, so you can get more traffic. A normal writer would love to attract audience that resonates with her/him not people who come to your blog and think" What a waste of time". You want to attracted people who read your brian-less BS and agree with you. Seriously... You are a narrow minded human being. You don't need to admit that to me or anybody but you know it. Marrying to a British nobody doesn't make you a woman of class!!!

    Happy Holidays!

    B.S BTW I am not Muslim

  7. How wonderful. A comment from someone with no name, no sense of humor and full of personal hate.

    It is a light-hearted personal blog. If you don't like it- don't read it.

    Husband says: "Have we met? If not, do come around. For a chat!"

    But seriously, how sad are you? Did you really not get that the islam reference was just a silly joke? Oh, dear, oh dear. (Rolling my chushka eyes at you) I am so sorry for you. Because you have just managed, anonymously, of course, to show just how beautifully classy YOU are. Thank you for this.

  8. What a way to spoil someone's holiday. Yes, I'm responding to you Anonymous. If you didn't get that Islam thing was a joke you clearly have tumor in your humour.I just can't stand folks like you who think they know better and feel the urge to insult.

    Happy Holidays to you too!

    P.S I think you're a chushka or a chushko (male version) :)

  9. Scary, I think she is just a jealous blogger. Azeri blogger. Otherwise how would she know what does "chushka" mean??? Seriously. I know you explained that before but she just feels it :)))
    Why nobody leaves comments for her? Why nobody becomes her followers? She is such a great writer!!! And here are you, Scary "narrow minded human being" with your "stupid" jokes and you have all that she doesn't!
    That is what her post really says :)))
    Relax and enjoy your life :)))

  10. Sabina and Prichkin...

    Thank you both!
    It is surprising that I don't normally get comments like that more often, to be honest. There are a lot of very frustrated people on the net. If it were that easy to spoil my nice holiday, I would have never put myself out there on the net. :) I find these things amusing, sometimes quite annoying, maybe frustrating... but never effective enough to spoil my day. Yet, I am very grateful for your responses.

  11. I didn't say what taste was a "job of generations". My sister-in-law is a cool interior decorator and she has the same background as myself. I just said that we didn’t get a lot of practice just yet. When we’re on our 3rd mansions, we’ll get a hang of it. Don’t you worry. ;)

  12. from Anonymous to anonymous!May be you are right,may be?...but what excactly your comment showed :person who wrote it is malicious and unhappy.It is very sad you having such a bad mood.It Is Christmas!! enjoy,be Happy!Don't spit poison and try to spoil holiday,please.

  13. To malicious, sad anonymous: if this blogspot is a waste of time, why are you reading it and referring to the posts? You are conflicted (as they say in the US). And I agree, malicious. Oh, and did I say already that you're a coward for hiding your views behind the cloak of anonymity? I wonder if you know Scary and her husband personally? I don't wish you a Merry X'mas.

  14. I just finished reading some posts on one of the political blogs that I follow. And I'm convinced now more than ever that there is a great deal of people in that space that have serious mental health issues. There is no dialog, just shouting whatever voices in their heads are telling them. Plus so much information is lost in translation because no one knows the background of the other people in the conversation, thus missing the real meaning of what they are trying to say. I know I take offence easily & tend to jump to conclusions and really have no stomach for this level of discourse.
    So the question is, as a participant in this space, do we just say nice things because we don’t want to offend anyone, or do we say what we really think? Should we be tolerant of people who disagree and even hate our position or should we jump right in and call them names?
    I don’t actually know the answer to these questions; I really want to know what is appropriate for this relatively new space.
    I also know that my morning is ruined by reading toxic statements on that other blog, they make this Anonymous person pale in comparison, so much venom, so much hate and intolerance.

  15. @ Nata: I think disagreeing with someone is OK. But in this case, it was not just a disagreement, was it.
    This Anonymous person was attacking me as a person, my husband (who has nothing to do with the blog or her/him anyway) and just generally being an a***hole. With issues. :) I am sure you will agree, that is somewhat different.
    I think it is totally OK to express your honest opinions. But I can see how, in a political blog, things can get heated. People are extremely sensitive about religion and politics! :) and in both of those cases, they often believe their way is the only correct way: that is the problem. :) Because, that situation leaves no room for any healthy discussion, does it? :)

  16. You’re right. There is no room for discussion there. Blogosphere is kicking my emotional behind. I should really stop going there, ruined perfectly good morning. Just as this hater on your blog, for no reason at all.

  17. Is it what that place is called then? Because, I am curious now, want to check it out myself. :))

  18. Hi Scary. In the spirit of your blog, I shall entitle this comment Manchester United.

    I just wanted to say to all your followers who've been upset by Anon The Miserable that it's a regrettable aspect of human nature to be affected more by the tiny negatives of life than by the overwhelming positives. My wife and I used to do a revue at the Edinburgh Festival. It was very successful, we had full houses and people laughed a lot. But the things I remember are individuals such as the one who sat stony-faced and never even grinned or the one who said he'd definitely never buy another ticket to one of our shows. It's natural to remember these little blots on a beautiful picture (such as the masterpiece of the red wine bottles) rather than the exuberant aestheticism and good taste they represent. Ignore him (I think it's a him) and delight in the pleasure of all your admirers.

    That's all I have to say about Manchester United.

  19. I think your post does connect with Islam. You are Azeri and most Azeris are Muslim, if I'm not mistaken. And that picture on the wall shows wine bottles. And wine is prohibited to drink for Muslims. Now, that's funny, isn't it? Do you think there's Azeris in Baku (for example), who would have this picture on the wall? I've no idea, haha.. You should tell us ;)

  20. One friend once read a story to me which just stayed with me. And the point of the story was that all the people we come across and especialy those who become an important part of our lives, are like mirrors. They may be nice to us or not, may say nice things or nasty ones, may be encouraging or critical, but we need them all because they help us to see ourselves from different sides, different angles; because they reflect our own attitudes and behaviors. This is not to say that the anon the Miserable was saying truth, but that there is something positive you can get out of this situation such as get encouragment and support from your friends and blog readers. I personally love the way you talk about small and big things with humor and lihghtness, but most of all I appreciate your ability to laugh at yourself and not take life too seriously. Happy holidays, Scary, and hope we'll read at least another 100 posts in 2010!

  21. Oh, Scary:) You have just reminded me that I have a couple of things hanging on my wall and I loathe them with all my heart:) I am planning to replace them with something descent though. I am lousy when it comes to interior design and buy things that do not match anything in the house:) I feel you have better taste than me though:)

    Happy Holidays!