Friday, 8 January 2010

Another Scary Interview

Gave an interview to WOMEN'S FORUM. Check it out here.

Part II about dating is to follow soon!

Stay tuned, guys!


  1. Good interview and glad to hear there's more to come.

  2. Thanks Bill, and thank you for a lovely, truly lovely comment on the forum. very kind of you.

  3. Thanks, Gabby. :) Does anyone call you Gabby? Is it OK to call you Gabby? It reminds me of the sexy lady in desperate housewives. :))

    sorry I am under influence tonight. Told myself no wine for two weeks, but lasted two days. Not bad, eh.

    Thank you. and thank you for your kind comment on the forum too.

  4. Yes SA, it's OK to call me Gaby, or Gabby. That's how people call me.
    Two days instead of two weeks! I guess I'll have to do the same with... Coke! LOL!

  5. Good interview; glad you didn't discuss politics :-).

    So, there is a novel... How about publishing an excerpt on this blog?

  6. @Riyad: You cheeky such and such...but you are right, from now on- never again. I dont give a shit anyway, to be honest.

    The novel.... it did cross my mind to share a tiny bit of it here... but I am scared.

    There are some really clever writing individuals reading this blog, you know. what if they say I have no hope? :) That would kill my confidence.