Friday, 5 February 2010

The Part III is out now..

In case you missed is the end of the story...

(Unless you tried to miss it...)

I noticed a couple of typos, but I guess it happens.


  1. Interesting twist to the story. I loved it. The ending is open-ended:) so I am using my imagination to imagine what will happen next:)Great job, Scary. Looking forward to more stories and yes, to a novel, from you.

  2. Part 4 plays in our minds, where we can determine the outcome...

  3. Hey thanks for reading it, guys.
    I sort of left the ending this way (partially) because of the originally set theme for that competition. It was meant to remain uncertain and unsolved. Also, sometimes it is better this way. Let you decide what happens next.
    Anyway, it was the first attempt and I am not thrilled about it, but I do think it all counts towards learning how to do it better. so I hope anyway. :)

  4. Saw this on @dailychekhov Twitterfeed yesterday. Maybe it applies to your fiction writing! ;)

    "Gloomy, melancholy people always write gaily, and the writings of cheerful people are always depression. I'm a cheerful man." Anton Chekhov

  5. Haha...OK, but then which one am I? I write the blog with a lot of jokes; and my stories are not so funny. I guess I am a bit of both.

  6. Great story, Scary. I really liked it despite not accepting at all that kind of cultural differences. As a scandinavian woman I m used to have the same rights as men. Wonder how difficult my next 4 years in Baku will be.. as an old single woman, 53 yrs ok, widdowed once but also divorced once :D
    I might need your special tips :)

  7. I think, Heli you will have a fascinating experience, discovering a completely different life. Not always bad, but always interesting. :)
    I look forward to hearing what you think of it all. have you started your own blog yet? :)
    dont forget to send me questions for the magAZine! You will be able to pick up a free copy and read your own question with an answer when you live in Baku! 4 years...that IS a long time! Hope you are staying somewhere nice! Well, do shout if you need any advice or help. always here.