Monday, 15 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day but not if you are in the Vatican

I have not got much to write about at the moment. My house is filled with visiting friends, their twin babies and, from today, my in-laws, too. In the midst of the chaos, I almost wrote about my Mother’s day yesterday. Which would have been either very sad or boring, but most probably a bit of both. Because, while most British mothers spent the day celebrating being a mother and a wife, I went to Tesco, bought an obscene amount of cleaning supplies, got home, put on some green gloves and plunged into some obsessive-compulsive cleaning frenzy. Not sure what it was. I normally do not enjoy cleaning, but yesterday nothing could stop me. When my husband and the visitors finally arrived back from their work and fun destinations, I greeted them with an insane smile. Almost done, I said to husband. Just a cooker hood left.

So no, let’s not talk about my insane cleaning day.

Instead, sticking to the theme of insanity, I thought I would share this with you. Some good news. The devil is in the Vatican.

I thought this piece (from Metro) was worth scanning and re-publishing here. I was just worried you might have accidentally missed this important news. Because, while he is all the way in the Vatican, you should not worry about him possessing you. He is too busy having good time in the Vatican.

I loved this article. Every little detail in it was just great. From the fact that, according to the president of the International Association of Exorcists, Hitler and Stalin were of course, not entirely responsible for their actions, because oh, they just got possessed; to the fact that there is- did you even know?- The International Association of Exorcists. And the fact that Fr Amorth’s favourite movie was the Exorcist. And of course that the Harry Potter books are dangerous. Anyway, enjoy. I'll be back, as he said. Once my household is back to normal.


  1. So we can breathe now: Satan is in the Vatican, so the rest of the world is free from evil.

  2. Well finally the Vatican is an interesting place to visit, then.....


  3. @ Braja: Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and letting me discover yours. How do you have the time to run THREE such cool looking blogs, is beyond me. :))

    Gabriela: Even when the comments run at their lowest ever, I know I can rely on you. Thank you, friend! :)) Saludos!

  4. looool this is so funny, I shared it on my FB page if you don't mind, dear Scary :)
    Thanks so much for being so clever and funny!

  5. Thanks, Minai! I love it when people laugh at me. :))) No, seriously., thank you.