Thursday, 8 April 2010

Parenting observations. Short and sweet.

First romance.

Monday: Max Digby threw sand at me.

Tuesday: Max Digby pushed me into a sand box!

Wednesday: Max Digby pulled my ponytail!

Thursday Max Digby is so naughty!

Friday: Max Digby is my best friend.

Scary Azeri parenting style.

Child: Darren is so stupid!

Me: Please don’t say that about your classmates. We don’t use that word.

Child: But he is stupid.

Me: You probably mean he is naughty. Boys can be a little naughty at times. Does not mean he is stupid.

Child: The problem is, mummy, he is stupid AND naughty.

Me:-Oh, I see. Fair enough then.


  1. Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings ...

    No point arguing with them, scary. They always have their own impeccable logic. My grandson was reprimanded by his mother for taking chips from his friend's plate at a party. His reply was 'But Mum, you always say we have to share.'

  2. My son took food from another girl's plate at daycare. The girl bit him in the arm (not too hard but enough for a slight bite mark). I said, Good for her, he deserved it. I wonder what a typical Azeri mom would do -- probably go and fight with the girl's parents?... Should I? :-)

  3. @Marianna: I would not be impressed if anyone bit my child, I have to admit. Would expect her mother to tell her off, and if she does not that is just bad manners if you ask me. :) But good for you that you took it so well! :)

    @Bill- Yes, their straightforward logic is what amazes me the most.

  4. I am sure the parents would've apologized if they were there. But at that age (under 2), things like that happen all the time with kids. Plus, my son is a handful, he'd be in so much more trouble if it wasn't for his niceness that endears him to people :)

    Your dialogue with your daughter is hillarious--kids are so funny at this stage.

  5. Next Monday: I am in love with Max Digby.

    When he was about 4, I told my now 16-year old nephew that I loved him from here to the Moon. He answered me: "And I love you all the way where God lives and back".
    No possible answer for that.

  6. Like mother, like daughter...Your girl also tends to call things by their real names:)