Monday, 19 April 2010

Cultural Shenanigans- April

Right, the April issue of MagAZZZZine is now out, which means...

time to share our latest cultural shenanigans. Feel free to tell me off.

To those of you who have ever been to Baku or are lucky enough to be living there now- expats or locals- may I use this opportunity to remind you to pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease send me more questions!

Muchas gracias.


  1. Questions? Hmm. As a former resident of Azerbaijan - what is the path to social/political change in that country?

  2. @Eric,

    whatever it might be, it will be "the long and winding road".

    I think that as long as the best people have no choice but to leave, there wont be any (good) changes. (I dont mean myself)

  3. Love this post! Did you make this layout yourself? I'm new to this series :)

  4. According to what I've just read here, Limeans and Bakuvians aren't that different!
    I remember the story about the old age couple at the bus. It was so heartbreaking, and yet, so encouraging.
    Muchas gracias a ti por desasnarnos.
    Thank you for enlightening us!

  5. hello Scary,

    just a quick comment on your article, do you really think that in order to buy potatos for 10 q. instead of 60 q. you really have to be poor?? I think its a simple common sense not to overpay...and im sure many with common sense would do the say..I wouldnt consider myself very poor, but again i would also do the same as this old russion lady..just thought to share, as it stuck in my mind after reading your article..peace, akbar

  6. @ Vicki: Your comment disappeared and now came back. This is an extract from Baku magazine, magAZine. I normally run a small article from this blog plus a Q&A column. :)

    @Akbar: Are you a true Azeri? A true Azeri man would never confess to saving 40p on potatoes! I am suspicious of your identity now! :))
    But seriously, yes, I get your point, but that particular case was due to poverty. Really obvious, heartbreaking poverty. The kind that upsets me a lot. Especially surrounded by all those new flashy shops along the "Bulvar".

    @Gabriela: Glad you find this interesting, evem though you've never been to Baku. Maybe one day, eh?

  7. scary muuallima, im true azeri and believe me there are many true azeris who would think the way i do...coz overpaying 40 q. for potatoes is crazy!!!...and also are you serious that they sell potatos for 10 q in Nasimi? :)) thanks, akbar

  8. Great read again, Scary! The part about joking and laughing was especially interesting. So true what you said.

  9. It took me ages to realign my thinking from 'markets cheap, supermaarkets expensive' to '(farmers) markets expensive, supermarkets cheap' when we got to the uk.

    Now if only I could remeber to stop missing the seasonal fruit and veg.

    Regarding saving money. There comes a point when convenience has its own price. I have been known to go out of my way in order not to pay more than I think something is worth, but that can get very very tiring when done over and over and over again, until all you are doing is chasing a few pennies. It's a matter of choice in the end. We tend to do it as a sort of hobby. To have to do it...