Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Happy birthday to me.

So, another year just flew by and I am crossing the fine line between the mid and late thirties this week.

For someone else, that might be a fun time. For me, my birthday is a complicated issue that needs approaching very carefully. You see, my mother is visiting at the moment. Which means, I have to be careful about what I do when it comes to celebrations.

Normally, I would just go out with a bunch of girlfriends. It is easier, as nobody needs to book a babysitter, and I don’t need to make a large party booking with deposits and other ridiculous complications.

But not this year. This year, my options were:

a) I go out with girlfriends, as usual. That means leaving my mother and husband at home, on the night of my birthday, while I go out. That would be weird. Not a good plan.

b) I take mother along, since she is technically a girl. That would work as far as mother is concerned. However, husband would be left at home, alone, sulking. Not a good plan.

c) I go out with husband, leaving mother at home. Husband is happy, mother would say it is OK, but feel used and abandoned. Not a good plan.

d) Take them both along to a girls night out. Hmm.. Too weird. Not a good plan.

Do you see how hard it can be to be me???

I, of course, could have a party at home. But, considering how many children my friends tend to have, I would end up in a house full of screaming babies and rummaging toddlers…around 20. Not my idea of a relaxing birthday.

In the end, having almost given up, I decided to do the following.

In the morning, mother and I, plus a couple of girlfriends, are going to a posh hotel for a nice breakfast.

In the afternoon, I have booked a massage-to have some me time.

Finally, in the evening, I am going out for dinner with husband and a few other couples.

That way, everyone gets to celebrate. Everyone, but one very important person.

‘Are we having a party?’ She asked, her eyes big with excitement. ‘Oh, crap.’ I thought.
I forgot that there is someone else in my family who would want to celebrate with me, and who, by the end of my careful planning, got left out. Now, I will have to squeeze in a special tea with a chocolate cake and a few candles in the middle of the day. Somewhere between the posh breakfast and the dinner.


  1. Happy Birthday, My very best regards to Mama :)

  2. Pazdravlaiu! :)

    This is indeed an extremely tricky situation. Why not order catering at home and invite your friends-that way you don't have to go anywhere. Hell, invite the masseuse as well. He/she can give everyone massages as you eat cream.

  3. @Vicki: He? A(fit) male masseuse? Now that sounds like a great birthday plan! How come I never thought of that?

  4. Whenever the potentially disastrous day dawns, have a wonderful birthday, Scary.

  5. Have a fantastic birthday, regardless of what u end up doing!

  6. You know what? While I was reading I kept wondering: what about Scary Azeri's little girl? I think you'll have a great day, with all forces balanced.
    From Peru, ¡feliz cumpleaños!
    And saludos.

  7. Happy Birthday or "Shnorhavor Darehdartz" in Armenian :) I'll throw in Farsi as well: Tavalodet Mobarak!

  8. Oh...its hard to keep everyone happy. Its my 40th in just over a month and I'm deliberately going diving alone, but you're never alone with the hard core diving fraternity. When you're a gypsy, its best not to promise anything to family. I just stay away and see them on their special moments. That normally works out pretty well. Aparenlty selfless.

  9. I hate birthdays. I'm glad you don't take life as seriously as I do. Shnorhavor!

  10. scary, happy birthday! no matter how many birthdays u will have (and i wish u will have very many), u will still be attractive and scarily funny.


  11. Happy Birthday! You can always have a fit male masseuse next year!!! It could be a birthday present from your husband ;) Start hinting now :)


  12. @Girls: Thank you!

    @Richka: I am not a gypsy, clearly. :) Could not celebrate my birthday alone, no matter how much I complain about them all.

    @ex-limerent: ex? why ex?

  13. LOL! What's wrong with going out to a nice family dinner with husband, child, and mother? Anyway, congratulations - wishing you another fruitful year in the blogosphere!

  14. Happy b-day! Looks like ours are fairly close (at least day of the month), mine was on June 10.

  15. @Riyad: Hmm yes...If I were a 100 years old. :) Boring!

    @Marianna: Yes, mine is today. I am on the laptop in between the massage and dinner. :) Must go do my nails now. :)

  16. Scary, happy belated birthday. I wish you a happy life:)