Sunday, 6 June 2010

A (not tiny but very short) love story

For those of you who read my little attempts at fiction...

There is a new - very, very short this time- love story on Rammenas.

Rammenas wanted tiny love stories. I assumed it was about the size of the story, not people.
This, however, reminds me about The Lord of the Rings.

Eh? you might ask.

Well, I always fancied Aragorn- of course! My friend was into Legolas. So, my mother, who went to see the movie with us at the time, sighed 'I guess, that leaves me Gimli' .

Anyway, moving swiftly on,

this one is not about dwarf love, but just a very short love story. Officially, Rammenas wanted it to be 100 words max. So this one is not tiny enough to qualify, but we decided it was OK as it is. So it is not a tiny, but a very short love story. Technicalities-shmekmikalities, I say!


  1. Quantity doesn't mean quality! Albert Einstein dissertation was 19 pages and what? Go on,Scary,your writting gets more and more precise and bright!

  2. Oh, I actually supposed that story to have a drama-bomb planted. I mean, after she called him and there goes a list of his problem, I thought there will be something like: "...and then he put away that big black gun out of his head and smiled happily".

    Kinda like that

  3. I left a comment on it, Scary. It's a very tender story.

  4. In Spanish we say "la esencia fina viene en frasco chico" (fine essences come in little bottles).
    Let's get to read!

  5. @Gabriela: You guys have an amazing lot of such beautiful expressions...have you thought of making a collection/book of those?

    @Bill: Thank you!

    @Tso: Hello, have not met you before? No, no drama bombs, no guns or knives...sorry. maybe next time. :) It is just a story about two people who must have had something a very long time ago, and she still cares about him. simple.

    @Anonymous: Thank you, very kind indeed.

  6. @Цо The good thing about flash fiction is that it leaves plenty of room for the reader's interpretation. So feel free to..:-)

    @Scary, I noticed on my website statistics that I had visitors from Azerbaijan (is that the correct spelling?). That really makes me feel proud!

  7. @Anneke: Glad to make your site truly global! :) Your spelling is perfect.