Saturday, 31 July 2010

A free tip for my male readers

‘What do you think?’ I asked Husband, turning around. I was showing him my newly purchased white mini skirt. Yes, I know. But honestly, it sounds a lot worse than it looks.

'Oh, lovely!' He said. 'Don’t forget your tennis racket.'

But I am happy. My mother, my child and I went to Bicester village yesterday. A shopping paradise. Of course, shopping with a child is a nightmare. Simply impossible to make any sensible decision choosing an outfit if you are constantly being dragged, pulled and talked to.

Thus the white mini skirt.

But...I like it. I have recently decided, glancing through the Boden catalogue delivered to my house, that I have to aggressively fight against the middle age suburban style. It is creeping up on me, circling around, and tightening the circle until I won’t be able to get out. I am not that old yet. A white miniskirt is exactly what I need.

But this is not what I wanted to tell you about today. I wanted to tell you about the Agent Provocateur underwear shop. Some of you might have heard of Agent Provocateur. If you have not, then you must quickly look it up.

Whenever I get to Bicester village, I always look forward to stepping inside this particular shop. I would love to claim that my lingerie drawer is filled with AP items. But, truthfully, I am more of a CK girl myself. Somewhere in between AP and M&S.

But, I still like to look. You see, Agent Provocateur is like art to me. And it is not just the underwear that is attractive in that shop. The shop assistants are always stunning, if a bit overly sexy for a daytime shopping experience. They walk around in fishnet stockings, very short dresses that look like nurse outfits only pink, and black pom-pom mules. I can only imagine an Agent Provocateur store opening in Baku. What an amazing treat would that be for Azeri guys! They would be queuing up all around the Caspian sea.

Anyway, just wanted to share this information with my male readers ( not just Azeri ones) in case they ever visit London or somewhere else where there is an AP store. Do not miss out! Make sure you go in, if not to purchase a (expensive) set for your wife or girlfriend, then at least to drool at the shop assistants.

You are very welcome.


  1. I'd rather go to a strip club ;-)

  2. Middle age! Wow! What's left for those who are (a little) older than you? Me, for instance...

  3. Scary, don’t encourage them. It’s bad enough shopping at the Victoria Secrets stores stumbling over random lost husbands and boyfriends who are staring at the push up lacy bras with the most idiotic expressions on their faces. It’s ok to look, right? LOL :)

  4. @Riyd: Yes, but this is free, eh. And classy. Style, my friend, style...not easily found in strip clubs, me thinks.

    @Gabriela: You are right! NO more mention of the middle age, and MORE mini skirts, I say!

    @Nata: Beautiful underwear is worth a blog posting. :))) As for men, whether we encourage them or not makes no difference. (So happy you have come back!)

  5. Oh my! Another shallow post! As if it is not enough to call a woman ugly and Danny de Vito looking and now you are encouraging objectification of your own gender. Looks like Steinem and Wolf did nnot kick in too much. I recommend you read the Beauty Myth and some of theories on the dangers of objectification

  6. @Anonymous: You sound like you are in desperate need of some action, my dear. :) NAGP. Big time! Listen, does EVERYTHING in life have to be this serious for you? Lighten up. :)

  7. @ Anonymous: I can sympathize with your frustration - really! Unfortunately, feminism hasn't had a positive impact upon women. Look:

    'According to economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, authors of the "The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness," measures of subjective well-being indicate that women's happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men. Women's declining relative well-being is found across various datasets, measures of subjective well-being, and is pervasive across demographic groups and industrialized countries.'

    If feminism had actually helped women, then why did women get less happy over the past few decades? I agree that if women were oppressed by mainstream culture, and if Steinem, Wolf, and other champions of feminism were really doing something positive, then Scary's lighthearted comments would indeed be damaging, and you would be justified in opposing her. Yet - and I can't speak for all bloggers, I'm just telling you what I see - when I look at the two of you, I see one well adjusted person with her own widely read and highly regarded blog having fun doing what she loves, and one miserable person who doesn't even have the confidence to sign his or her postings.

    Before you roll your eyes or dismiss what I just wrote, remember: I didn't have to take the time to try to explain this to you. I could have made fun of you. Please just think about it.

  8. @Mark: :))) What a fantastic response. But I am now dying to know how you would make fun of her? Don't worry she probably won't be back, just like another one who said she chose not to read me again. Hmm...I wonder if it is the same person? She sounds the same. If that is the case, she probably will be back. Just to see if I wrote any more shallow crap. :)

  9. @ Scary: The opportunity to make fun of her is now simply gone. But (assuming she is female) I think she will be back. I've known people like her, and whether conservative, liberal, idealistic or cynical, they act that way because they don't have much else going on, and because the things you say genuinely upset them. The world is a big enough place that, generally, only the frustrated and lonely choose to read, talk to, or listen to people they don't even like.

  10. @Anonymous: If it wasn't for objectification, your dad would never have crossed the dancefloor and asked your mum to dance, which would mean they wouldn't find a deeper connection, bonk and inflict you on the world. If it wasn't for objectification, you wouldn't exist, and we wouldn't have to read your whinging. Is the danger you refer to? Objectification leads to whinging...?