Sunday, 4 July 2010

A polar bear situation

Warning: Contains adult material.
Certificate: 15
If in Azerbaijan-Certificate: 31

Being foreign means that you never know when and how you might slip and end up in a huge figurative puddle. Even when you think you speak English pretty well.
We were sitting in the garden with friends, after a nice meal, enjoying ice-cream with kids.
A sunny day. A decent company and a good food. Can’t get any better.
The ice cream I bought was called Baked Alaska. Vanilla with white chocolate polar bears in it. Very nice. My daughter, of course, wanted more bears. I was happy to give her mine, however she did not want the ice-cream they were covered in. She just wanted the bears.

To which I said...
'I am not sucking off those bears!'
As soon as the words escaped my mouth, I knew what I said. But by then, it was too late.  
‘It is not something you should do, really’ said Husband. And everyone laughed.


  1. LOL!
    I think those misunderstandigns are common even when you are foreign in a country where your own language is spoken. There are words in Spanish with one meaning in PerĂº and a very different one in a country as close to us as Chile.

  2. Why does the certificate increase in Azerbaijan? Is it just a joke, or are Azeris really more sensitive to sexual slang?

  3. If it helps, native speakers have moments like that too.

    Ha ha, though.

  4. @Gabriela: Does it mean something rude, or just different?:)

    @Mark: It was kinda of a joke.:)

    @Solnushka: I am sure, yes. I have witnessed it before. Still, if I can blame the foreign aspect, why not? :)

  5. Sometimes just different. Sometimes it can be something really vulgar rather than rude.