Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I am f****ing Matt Damon


This is not a proper posting. This is one of those in-between postings posting, you know.

As it happens with me, some nights I just have (a bit!) too much wine and feel happy for no real reason, whatsoever. I had a hard day today, you know? Full of silly tasks, like working from home and going to I needed this glass of red vino tonight. Or two.

Anyway. Whenever that happens, I feel full of love. Yes, I know I have a husband for that. But tonight, I suddenly thought- what if those guys have not seen I am f****ng Matt Damon video? That would be just wrong, you know? That would be sooo unfair! Because yes, I might have seen a lot of very funny things on the net. But this video is still one of the best I have seen.

OK, it is not new. In fact, I think it is very old. But it is still very good. I have my issues with Sarah Silverman. I don't do toilet humor. And she seems to like it a lot. But other than that, the girl is very funny. I wonder if this all was a big joke, or did she really do Matt Damon? In any case, if you accidentally have not come across this seriously funny song, please do check it out.

And if you think this was funny, then make sure you watch Jimmy's response- I am f****g Ben Affleck.


PS It is so much better without the silly beep noise. But I tried to find the original, uncensored version and failed. Sorry.


  1. I had NOT seen that!! hahaha

  2. @Shannon: I cant believe YOU have not! :) Well, I am glad I shared it then!

  3. I had seen them before, I remember laughing so hard at them - especially the Ben Affleck reply. XD

  4. As Shannon, I hadn't seen that before.

  5. I forgot to say earlier: I don't like Matt Damon too much, but I have to admit he has one of the nost beautiful smiles in the whole world.
    ¡Saludos! (I forgot to say that too)