Monday, 2 August 2010

Oh no, he is alive!!!

Watch your children.He is alive and lives in a card shop in Westfield.


  1. @Gabriela: Of course. :)))
    Nobody liked my card? No comments....Oh, well.

  2. Although it's funny, I do have to say that i'm not very comfortable laughing at it, even though we all know that this is just another one of your brilliant ironies. :) I guess my problem is that I'm just too great of a fan of Michael. I still remember the day he died and how my friends and I ran from NYU to Times Square just to hear the news updates and join crowds in sorrow.


    Jah T

  3. @Jah T: Hello, never met you before? :)

    I am sorry. I quite liked MJ (especially when I was a lot younger, back in Baku) and was a fan of his music too....still, just too funny! But I know my sense of humour is a bit weird, between you and me. I appreciate that. And guess what? That is me being subtle on this blog. Just imagine what I am really like at home with my close friends. Gosh...nightmare. I really am. Not proud of it, just saying. :)