Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A typical British beach day out.

You might be looking at this picture and thinking it is the late Michael Jackson. Or, perhaps, a modest Muslim woman covering herself up from strangers’ glances...But no. This is me. On holiday, up in North Wales, on the beach.

I did not come here prepared for an English beach holiday. As you can see, behind me, my father in law installed a (popular around here) canvas on wooden sticks called a windbreak. Self-explanatory and very much necessary. First time we went to the beach we used one, second time we decided we should double-glaze and used two.

I don’t really know what I thought we would be doing here for a week. I guess I assumed it would not be hot enough to be on the beach. So I did not pack any sun hats or sun block. But what I did not realize is that for these guys, a bit of sunshine and no rain means beach weather. So I ended up wearing my child’s sun hat, my mother in law’s orange Crocs and beach towels wrapped around me for the first time.

However, my friends, yesterday I felt so much more comfortable, that I even went for a swim. I have to honestly say that the second I plunged into the ice cold water, I thought my heart was about to stop. But after a few minutes of vigorous kicking, jumping up and down and some profanity it felt pleasant. In a masochistic kind of way. So you see, you can get used to it, really. And I felt pretty proud of myself. I am properly British now. I go to the beach and even swim in temperatures in which any decent Azeri family would probably put on some woollen jumpers and switch on the heaters.

PS You might have noticed there is something unusual going on with the light and colour of this picture. That is because my in-laws don't have a scanner. But, being a dedicated blogger that I am, I figured a way around it and took a picture of the sketch with my phone; which I could then successfully upload on my laptop. Voila! How clever is that, eh?


  1. You look like my grandma, the only time I recall her going to the beach: all covered up. LOL!
    Come to Lima, you'll enjoy our beaches here: sun, really, hot sand and kind of cold water.
    ¡Saludos... and enjoy!
    And yes,very clever indeed!

  2. Love the picture. It is funny how just at a sight of a bit of sunshine english people undress and pretend it's summer. And after all those years in this great (he he) country, i am begining to understand why and behave quite similar to british people - sun is out=short sleeves. I guess you know it may not get any warmer and those swimsuits and summer dresses must be worn.
    you are brave though, getting into the water. Last week in Spain we went to the beach and i refused to test the sea temperature when it was +30 outside.
    Jurate x

  3. ha-ha,very funny.We are so different.To day,no a sight of a bit sunshine,not at all,I have gone to shops and have met nice lady wearing strapless summer dress.,My raincoat looked ridiculous,shame to me,but it is cold and I'm from south country..:-)

  4. I do hope (at least) one of the male members of the party was wearing a hanky with all four corners tied in a knot on his head. That's the only thing you need to complete the experience.

  5. @Gabriela: Is that an official invite? :)))

    @Solnushka: No, no hanky hats. :)

  6. Yes, my dear. ;)
    Just in case... you only have to remember our calendar goes all the other way around yours: we are freezing now and we will be getting tan when you are freezing.

  7. First you complain about ugly cars, then you wear crocs ?!? Even at the beach crocs are the Fiat Multipla of footwear. Followed closely by uggs.

  8. @Fab Cook: I know. The only thing that is worse than Crocs is a whole family wearing them. :))) That is why I was laughing at myself.
    Wont let you abuse the UGG's though! They are OK. Really. Ask Sienna Miller.

  9. Reminds me very much of my own family holidays, with the two windbreaks - also very handy for marking out your territory on the beach.

  10. @northernrich: Yes, that is very true. and considering how over-crowded thw UK beaches get, it is a necessity!