Sunday, 5 September 2010

Introducing the Arrogant Atheist T-shirts

Apologies to those of you who might not appreciate this...But I had to share. Because I thought these were great. Personally, can't decide between this one...

and this one.....

I reckon I should get both and wear them around the village. The first one is going to get me a lot of local friends.

Husband wants a BBQ apron.

Oh, and if anyone wants to get them, here is the link!

Back with a proper posting soon. Promise. Just been busy and tired, and a bit more tired and chut-chut more busy....

But tomorrow is a special day. The BIG school starts. As a very good mother I am thrilled. Because I will now have no child until 3:15pm! That is a whole day of freedom! Before, I had a choice: I could either have a coffee with a friend or do some shopping, or go to the gym. Now, I can actually go to the gym and have a coffee. See what I mean? Total freedom.


  1. Good for you! I hope you enjoy those hours of freedom.

  2. You might even find time to write. (Excellent T-shirts BTW.)

  3. @Gabriela: So many mothers this morning were in tears, and I could hardly contain my huge smile.

    @Bill: Oh, don't. I looked at the first few pages of the draft I started a little while ago and decided it was so bad I have to start completely all over again. I hated it. Very frustrating.

    1. hahahahahaha!Hello Mrs.scaryazeri,i found your blog less than a week ago and i loved your writting style.I'm not sure if i will have a baby someday but if i do i wanna be a mother like you : very fond of your childfree time and not ashamed of that!

  4. I was reading a Vanity Fair article yesterday about the Greek financial crisis and there was a passage there about a conversation between an atheist journalist and an orthodox priest about letting him into a monastery for a visit. It went like this:
    “But what is your religion?”
    “I don’t have one.”
    “But you believe in God?”
    He thinks this over.
    “Then I’m pretty sure they can’t let you in.”
    He lets the thought sink in, then says. “On the other hand, how much worse could it get for you?” he says, and chuckles.
    An hour later I’m walking off the ferry ... and he’s still repeating his own punch line—“How much worse could it get for you?”—and laughing more loudly each time.

  5. @Nata: I am sorry I know you are going to think I am very slow...and you are probably right...:) But I have no idea what this story was about.

  6. Why would you want to offend religious beliefs of other people? What can be possibly gained from it?

  7. @Riyad: Why is having a different view offensive? Do I find political interference by non elected religious figures offensive? Hmm...I do, actually. Really offensive, compared to a funny t-shirt. It is just that people are trained to "respect religion", and get terrified when someone laughs at it. I think we should all be allowed to laugh at what we think is funny. At least I dont stand in the middle of London shouting all infidels should die.

  8. There's nothing wrong if you have a different view and present it during a civilized discussion. But people on the street probably had no desire to have a religious discussion with you, and yet you are forcing your opinion on them. You may think the T-shirt is funny, but it isn't to them. And who knows, they could be good people... Like those catholic nuns who go to Africa and help the locals to set up schools and hospitals.

    Of course, when Jehova's witnesses or mormons knock on your door, all bets are off!

  9. @Riyad: Oh, but I reeeeaaaaallllly want one of those! If you dont like the fish being BBQ'ed
    then at least, allow me to wear the burka one? Did you see, some money from the sale of those goes to support freedom and democracy in Iran?
    Anyway, a bit of offensive humor is healthy.

  10. The VF story was about corruption in Greece, which btw could be easily applied to describe the state of corruption in any ex USSR country. Just replace Greece with Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, etc. doesn't matter, all the same, except for the entitlement issues which are unique to the EU. But I digress :)
    I remembered this particular passage from the story as I was reading this post.
    As I understand the journalist blew this priest's mind, so he kept repeating the same thing over and over again in disbelief. I thought it was a great illustration to the theist/atheist discussions of any kind, including the ones on you blog. People just can't imagine how others feel. Period.