Friday, 1 October 2010

(Almost) back form the dead

A very short posting. This is me, half-dead, on the sofa for the past few days  with the most horrendous, splitting, killing bastard of a headache imaginable. Poor me. You should all send me chocolates and money. And don't leave me. I will be back in my usual chatty mood soon. Promise. What does not kill us makes us stronger.


  1. I'm sick, too! :"( Are we siblings in pain?

  2. I could send you chocolates... BUT they will get to you when you are in your usual chatty mood. So, they'be worthless.
    I sincerely hope you may feel better really soon.

  3. @MKL: Maybe, least today it went away, I hope for good! It was just awful. wish you a speedy recovery, too.

    @Gabriela: Good excuse! :)

  4. You will definitely be better soon, as pain is just weakness leaving the body ;-))
    Get well soon!

  5. @Bianca: Thank you! I sure hope so.

  6. Get well soon, Scary. Oh, and if you do get sent lots of chocolates which arrive when you've recovered and you're in your normal chatty mood and don't want them, send them on to me. I'm not ill or anything, but I love chocolates.