Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Why not accessorize this winter?

Just had to share this with you.

A very nice colleague brought them into work today and proudly placed them on her desk. Shocking behaviour, if you ask me. I told her things like that should be kept in one’s secret drawer, not displayed on one’s desk at work!

The question is…what do you think these hmm things are?

I had so many jokes about this, that I did not even know where to start.

But… she demonstrated to me that, really, they are just a clever device to stop you slipping on icy pavements. How about that, eh? I would have never thought that that was what they were for. Might get myself a pair.


  1. You have me laughing! That's a use for these hmm things I'd never imagined!

  2. Ha-ha,perfect,Where can I get like these?

  3. So useful! I wish I had a pair of such "things". I's very very slick in Moscow now :(.


  4. can i borrlow them for "Show me Tell me" activity for my 4 year old son:)

  5. @everyone: Yes, I think very useful indeed. I reckon they would make a fab christmas present. Just imagine unwrapping them in front of your parents (or in-laws) and watching their faces freeze for a few moments. Priceless! I was told they are available in Office Depot for about £17. I know it sounds a bit expensive, but hey... you'd probably pay a LOT more in specialist shops for those. :)))

  6. Boy could I have used those in Armenia, where they didn't clear the sidewalks and snow removal was called May.

    Not a bad price to pay for NOT breaking a leg or worse. At least in the US, where health care costs can make you lose your house. So go out and buy them whatever the price.

    And I would love to have some fun with those by giving them to people as presents. I can well imagine the jokes ;)

  7. Another New Year in Baku with no snow... Let alone the snow, until yesterday it was so warm that didn't even feel like winter. Guess this, indeed scary looking foot gear wouldn't be of any use here this winter :)

    S Nastupayushim Vas!! Wish you every happiness and success in the New Year. Thanks for great postings this year. Look forward to new ones in the New Year! :)

  8. @Matanat: Thank you for the wishes, hope you have a great 2011 too!

  9. YakTrax! I gave three pairs as Christmas gifts this year. US$25.