Friday, 12 August 2011

Oh.... Paul....

hmm...This is what happens if you fantasise about Paul Bettany while pregnant.


  1. You can't imagine how loud I'm laughing right now!

  2. :) Are you sure it was only Paul?
    It looks like William H Macy were in your fantasies more often.

    Check it:

  3. @Gabriela: Even her eyes are blue and nobody in our family has blue eyes!

    @Chorleywooder: No friggin way!!!

  4. Paul Bettany and William H. Macy aside, this is indeed a beautiful baby.
    Then again... Paul Bettany! Come on! Had you mentioned other names of other cute(r) guys maybe I'd believed you.

  5. What a looker! Well if she does not look like you, does she look like your husband? I mean, that red hair sure looks British :) Btw, many kids change their eye color to a darker one once they get older.

  6. @Gabriela: He is cute! As for the baby, thank you...I am a bit smitten but I am slightly biased.

    @Marianna: She looks a bit like me, and a bit like him, of course. A lot like her sister...But the red hair...It looks a lot redder in photos, for some spooky reason. In real life...still pretty red! But my older girl had a dodgy hair phase when she was a baby, then it all fell out and was replaced with blond. I suspect later she will go darker. My husband before it turned grey had sort of brown ish hair, so red-haired people in either family, I am afraid. :-)))

  7. What a gorgeous girl!
    My two look more like my husband - with lighter hair than my dark brown - I guess the Scottish genes are strong! I've even been asked if I was the children's nanny when walking with them in the park! :)
    I take it you haven't had anyone say that to you?!?!

  8. @Inara: Thank you! No, never been mistaken for a nanny yet, but my very English friend has been.:)

    Nannies around here are usually Eastern European,i.e. Polish or Hungarian...So I definitely don't have the right looks for that role.

  9. That is a hella cute baby -- especially that serious pose!! Bin kere Masallah, as we say. :)

    About the strange hair/eye phenomenon, it seems common amongst Turks too. Both my little brother and I were blond as kids, myself blond for longer than him, and we grew up to have brown hair -- mine ash brown as my hairdresser once pointed out, and his strong dark brown. But, the absolutely COOLEST thing I noticed about him when he grew older and started leaving a beard as soon as his facial hair would let him (primarily, we all think, to cover up his baby face) is that his beard is full of BRIGHT RED STRANDS!!

    And, when I moved back to Turkey, I noticed LOTS of Turkish guys have the dark brown hair (almost black) and RED beard combination! We even had a historical character like that -- Barbarossa.

    And, I started asking around my grandparents, since nobody for three generations has blond or red hair in either side of our family, though my Mom is said to have been completely yellow for her first three years (which had turned a beautiful raven black): It turns out that my mom's maternal grandmother had blond hair and green eyes (while HER mother had blond hair and blue eyes), and my mom's paternal grandmother had red hair and blue eyes. My grandma further added that my grandfather (mom's dad) had a red beard in his youth as well.

    I know that Turks and Azeris are not IDENTICAL, but we are pretty close in many ways. And, I was soo surprised to see the baby picture of my Azeri boyfriend (he is also from Soviet Azerbaijan, but from a tiny village near the Iranian border) who has the CURLIEST black hair you can imagine: In his father's arms (the father in that black and white picture bearing an uncanny resemblance to the guy showing me the picture today), the baby has the straightest blondest -- almost platinum -- strands falling on the cutest cheeks. Since both of my boyfriend's parents had black hair and brown eyes, people apparently outright questioned if a milkman had been involved! But, in later pictures -- like around when he was 10 years old -- my boyfriend had wavy auburn hair, and that face was clearly his. So, he has this "pictorial evidence" delineating his hair-eal evolution.

    Anyway, it is amazing how genes can hide for so many generations!

  10. Oh wow what a cutiepieeeee!! Goz deymesin of course ...if my grandma was here ...she would go through her ''goz deymesin'' routine right away! love the fierce look on his face, mom always tells me how u can predict one's future character just by looking at child's facial expressions. He's gonna be one opinionated fella (he's a boy, right? sorry If im mistaken).