Monday, 10 October 2011

Hey, Fatty Boom Boom

As I am sitting on my sofa, barely able to breathe after the enormous dinner, I am idly toying with the thoughts of ways to start losing this post-baby weight. 

Tonight I managed to consume:

  • Grilled aubergines with garlic which by themselves are not terribly unhealthy, if not for the salt my mother covered them with. At least 10 slices.
  • Five chicken burgers. Before you think whatever you might think of me, they are pretty flat and small. 
  •  Two slices of Tarte au citron my mother attempted to make for the first time in her life and succeeded.
  • A  cup of decaf coffee to wash down the above.
So...No, I have not got anyone else to blame for the extra pounds but myself. I use breastfeeding as an excuse. Despite the common idea that breastfeeding helps you lose weight; I personally put it on if I have a small baby to feed. I feel constantly hungry, like Shelob, and turn into an animal, with no will power to stop.

But the problem is, besides the Korova Milkbar situation, is that I love food. I love everything about food. The glass of vino, the company, the conversation, the going out or staying in...I love breakfasts and I adore dinners. I love carbs. I love meat. I love BBQ and I love deserts...I guess what I am saying is I am destined to get fat. 

The problem with it is not just my health, or my husband leaving me for a slim model one day. It is also that from what I noticed in the UK, most of the posh ladies are slim. It is not the same back home. You can easily get away with being slightly overweight, and still be seen as posh, elegant or successful. In the UK, majority of ladiiiies are slim. I noticed that fat women in this country are usually poor. Or common. Or, very often, a bit of both.
You would think, wouldn’t you, that it should be the other way around. But of course, it is cheaper to eat unhealthily. It is a lot easier to buy cheap ready meals, or a McDonald's rather than a whole sea bass or a fillet steak. It is also probably caused by feeling low about being poor, and having nothing to do with yourself but get fatter. What, however, is more fascinating to me, is that a typical lower class fat woman in the UK is almost always accompanied by a very skinny bloke. How does that work? What happens that makes a poor woman bigger and a poor guy skinnier? I have no answer to this question; however I have nothing to worry about. Fortunately for me, my husband is (really) not that skinny, and I am (really) not that fat. Yet. 

Anyway. The reason I am going on about being fat is because I really enjoy eating a lot right now. And eating a lot right now made me think about the next blog post which is coming very soon. I am excited to be hosting a fellow blogger, a very talented and clever girl who is also from Baku but lives in the USA and runs a wonderful azeri food blog. I thought I have not hosted anyone here for ages, and you guys need someone else to occasionally bring some sanity to these pages. For a bit of healthy balance. Feride will visit very soon, and will be like a green salad to go with my burger and chips questions.


  1. It takes a while to get back to normal after the baby. Enjoy this time, you will have plenty of time to lose weight once you are done breastfeeding and your hormones will get back to normal.

  2. Well, I love food too. I just can't resist it! And the worst part comes when I have someone who also loves food by my side. So I get you and your sentiments very well.
    Enjoy the days with your Azeri colleague!

  3. Scary, we are in the same boat - I love food too and everything that evolves around it! Thank you for hosting me. This means I have to hurry up and finish up the interview:)

  4. As someone who has lost 23 pounds of pre-pregnancy weight by the time my son turned 3, I can attest: it is possible to train yourself to eat less and more healthily. You just have to start. If I were exercising more, and more regularly, I would have lost even more. I am working on this now. Good luck to you!

  5. It's sugar I crave when breastfeeding. I shall be fatter and all my teeth will have fallen out when I stop.

    It's not just the food though. It's the lack of exercise. And not just in terms of gym sessions or beat the baby bulge personal trainers. The richer you are the more likely you are to be able to get out of the house and moving around briskly while someone else spends the hours chained to the feeding machine and/ or the playground.

  6. I had no idea that AZ Cookbook was written from the US!

  7. I guess you know her:

  8. Solnushka's right - exercise is half the equation. If you can figure out how to up the expenditure of calories, you'll be OK.

    Also, consider eating more veggies. I realize it sounds like you're eating less of other stuff, but if you think of it specifically as eating *more* of something you'll find it's psychologically much easier to do. I love eating lightly cooked broccoli with a squeeze of lemon, or carrots that have been browned in the oven. Find veggies you like; they're out there. Also you might look into sea salt, (or adding potassium chloride,) as I understand this won't raise blood pressure.

    Or just be happy a few pounds extra. Personally, I don't much care for skinny women, and I know a lot of guys who are the same way. I do realize that the fat chushkas may be embarrassed or don't really try, but a woman who does up her hair and chooses a nice outfit is going to look good even with an extra 20 pounds. (Or even if she's 20 pounds under!)