Monday, 21 November 2011

A very short parenting story.

I  had a very bad, bad, bad weekend, let me tell you. 

I have no idea how single mothers with children cope, because I find it incredibly hard when Husband is away and I suddenly have to do everything by myself.  And maybe, I could manage just fine, but my baby, like a pit bull, senses my fear and turns my nights into nightmares. 

As soon as the night falls, she stops being a lovely cutie pie and turns into a little monster. She knows that I never sleep well when husband is away and attacks me when I am at my weakest, so that I give in and put her into bed with me. I try to be strong, which results in both of us suffering. 

In between me not sleeping from anxiety and her waking up, the total hours I get to sleep are down to zero. 

So, it is not surprising that, as I lay there awake at 5:30am yesterday morning, I started imagining things. The baby was crying- again! - And I tried to calm her down, when I suddenly heard what I can only describe as a churchy kind of singing. It was beautiful, very quiet and pretty creepy

I froze, listening hard. That’s it, I thought. All these sleepless nights and the tiredness finally turned me into a mad woman. Either I am hearing angels singing to me, or we have a ghost.

I really did not like either of those options, so I thought I would get up and start the day. So what it is inhumanely early.  I got up, grabbed the baby, and looked into the landing. 

My older girl’s door was open and I glanced in, to check she was alright. She lay in bed and in a dimmed light I could see her actually looking at me. 

‘You okay’? I asked and she nodded. I suddenly had a glimpse of hope. There was a logical, not at all mental explanation, after all. 

‘Were you just singing? ‘I asked her, praying for it to be the case, and she said yes. Thank goodness, I thought.  It was her!

I was singing the song that Mary sang to baby Jesus to stop him crying’ she added.

Well, I wonder if it worked, I wanted to ask.  Did baby Jesus shut the fuck up because nothing works on your baby sister! 

As I said... bad, bad, bad weekend.


  1. Oh what a story..... that made me laugh immensely. I also would have been totally freaked out.... poor you always worse when tired out!

  2. I know exactly how you're feeling - we had the same kind of night monster who kept us awake for months and months - my husband called him the devil's child! We were so exhausted and nothing seemed to help, but eventually it passed - now I'm grateful for a good night's sleep (not trying to make you jealous! :)). I'm sure your little monster will become a little angel before too long!

  3. :) LOL. Stay strong, kids grow up fast.

  4. This post really made me laugh!
    Let me tell you: I think it's better to have angelical voices and a churcy sound than dogs fighting and howling while its reckless owners giggle and laugh and chat all night long.
    But then again, who knows? Maybe the grass next door isn't greener!

  5. Good story,very good and funny!Funny for us,readers,not for you,of course,but Humour helps to survive some times.

  6. Aw... that's so sweet (the big sister, that is, not the crying child). It's hard but, at least, you know that this phase will pass.

    The other day my colleague, who has a 9 months' old baby who is a particularly bad sleeper, asked me: 'What do you do when your baby has a cold and is teething at the same time?'. I replied: 'You cry'. I think he thought I was joking.