Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Favourite Street by Nailya aka Scary aka Azeri!

(I was going to start by saying 'Thank you God..', because, as a normal human being, I need to thank someone, right? But, who do you thank if there is no God? So, I shall still use this, as a figure of speech....) Thank you, God, for my husband is back, and I don't have to be a crazed, stressed out bitch that I have been in the past 5 nights, all by myself, with two children. Yes! I know "everyone does it". I am clearly not as good as everyone, alright?



A few weeks ago, I had an unexpected email, which started like this:

"Please excuse my intrusion into your mail box.  To cut a long story short, my email is to ask if you could write a short article (one page) for Qatar Airways in flight magazine, Oryx.

Each month Oryx magazine runs a ‘My Favourite Street' page, and they were going to feature Baku in their December issue.

Of course, I got over-excited, did not leave the house for three days,ate a lot ( any bloody excuse!) and composed something that I hoped was good enough. 

Then, I had to sit and wait for what seemed like ages, as I was not allowed to share it with you until the magazine came out. which was today! Yay! 

So here is the link to the online magazine, but also a copy of the article. I am very excited. Now off to enjoy my well-deserved glass of wine!


  1. Wow! Congratulations!
    Lots of stress lately, huh?

  2. most of the time I'm angry and jealous person but I'm happy for you. Well written and Congratulations.

  3. @Gabriela: Yes, you don't even know some of it yet, just wait till I tell you!!!

    @Izzard: That comment made me laugh. :)) Now, after this confession, your congrats are even more special.

  4. Well done :) I used to work on that street in the office building just across Pionersky park, which is now Turkish embassy. Our EU Agency rented space on top floor. I'm glad they didn't rename it. Chris just got a vintage Samad Vurgun poster by Shakhtakhtinskaya and we're framing it for the downstairs living room along with another vintage Soviet Azeri girl poster. It's awesome :)

  5. This is great news! Congratulations! Who if not you. You are an amazing writer with skills I quietly envy:)) Awesome article.

  6. @Nata: You must have worked near where I used to live.

    @Feride: Stop it!

    @Ruhi: Cheers!

  7. Hallo,Scary Azeri :)

    I would like to say: Thanks, you have an amazing blog, i enjoyed my time while reading your articles!
    I'm also an Azeri, living in Germany in small village,so huge Salam(s) to u from here! :) Thank you :)

  8. @Sunny:

    Thank you and welcome to the blog. How is Germany? Good piva I hope? :) Have lovely holidays. I bet xmas and new year in Germany are very pretty.