Saturday, 3 December 2011

Some "me" time today.

I did something very sad today. Those very few of you who might think I am cool (I would like to think there are at least 3 of you out there somewhere in the world) will finally realize that is not the case. And such  realization can be upsetting. Someone clever once told me, that one of the saddest feelings she had ever had was disappointment in people. I am, therefore, sorry for confessing the following to you.

For a few days now, I desperately wanted to see the new Twilight movie. (Yes, I know. Pathetic is the word you are looking for) But I really wanted to see it. Also, exhausted by my baby religiously fighting sleep every night for the past two months, sleep-deprived and brain-damaged; I just felt like a break. A relaxing me time, you know? So, not only did I go to see the Twilight Breaking Down Part 1, I also went to see it:

a) Alone. As in by myself.

b) At 11am.

It went well.

At first, I got lost. I still can’t quite understand how I could manage that, considering that I have been to the very same cinema a hundred times, and know the route quite well. My brain, however, is so damaged right now, it just erratically switches itself on and off. Before I knew it, I was somewhere I had no intention of going. After fifteen stressful minutes of panicky aimless driving around, during which I was convinced my Escape to the Cinema plan failed due to such classic example of retardation, I suddenly recognised a roundabout that looked familiar; and managed to get to the cinema in plenty of time.

I then had another hmm....episode, and bought myself a VIP seat. I thought that, since I was treating myself to me time, I might as well get a fancy seat. Of course, I should have guessed, that at 11am, the auditorium would look like this

I also bought myself some popcorn. And this is what happened next

The whole auditorium, all ten of them, turned around and stared at me. I giggled but nobody smiled. Clearly, people who come to watch Twilight at 11am on a Saturday morning mean business.

And then the movie started and I really, really enjoyed it. Naked men turning into wolves, beautiful scenery, cool effects, a mother-baby-vampire love story...what’s not to like?

I even cried a few times, including at this fantastic Christmas ad by John Lewis. Watch it, isn’t it cute?

God, I need some sleep.


  1. Good for you. The memory of handling a fussy infant day and night (and the ensuing irritation and brain malfunction :) is still very fresh with me. You should venture out more often. What's good for mom is good for the baby. Well, that does not include wine if you're breastfeeding :), but pretty much any 'healthy' kind of entertainment will do you lots of good.

  2. I guess you deserved that YOU time. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie... even though I think my choice would have been different.
    Was everything safe and sound at home when you were back?

  3. That popcorn thing was all 10 of them were strict twilight fans.