Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bigger, fatter and with more pictures!

I know, i know... It has been too long!

But i have my reasons. Very soon i will tell you all about it, and how crazily busy life has been. In the meantime though, i have to share with you that, after a short pilot article about Baku in December, i was asked to do a full feature on the city for Qatar Airways: for their February issue. I hope you like it! Considering just how crazy my life has been, i am surprised it ever got completed!

It is so much fun seeing something I had to write in certain number of words and paragraphs suddenly all laid out on a page and illustrated. In the draft it all looked a bit strange. A body, then three short facts "not to exceed 30 words each"... Then two larger chunks with more random facts... I sent it off in a word document... And then it came back, and it is alive, looking all professional and pretty. Really cool. I looked at it and thought wow, what a cool place that Baku is, must go there soon. :)


  1. Just two days ago I was thinking of you and your intriguing silence. It's good to know you are around.
    I love th article about Baku. In some many ways, it made mw think of Lima, my Lima. She has recovered from so many wounds, and there she is, learning something new every day. I'm sure you'd like Lima, as I'm sure I'd love Baku.
    ¡Saludos desde Lima!

  2. Way to go, Scary! Congratulations! Will you post the article here? Can't wait to read. Missed your posts!

  3. Welcome back. And congrats!

  4. Oh never mind - I missed the link to the magazine, just read your article! Great!

  5. Congrats! and welcome back :)

  6. I liked the article. However, just one thing made me curious: have you really heard that Khan of Baku wants to marry his own daughter and she jumps because of that? In my 20 years that I lived in Baku, never ever I heard such a disgusting legend. What I have heard is that he want to marry her to a person she doesnt love and she jumps. anyways. not very important for you maybe, but I truly believe that legends carry some cultural aspects of every society.

    1. @ anonymous
      No, i have never heard that. I just made that up to damage the reputation of azeri virgins. That is my goal in life. I also got paid by the armenian diaspora in the usa to say that.