Monday, 18 June 2012

Does a spirit need a plane ticket?

My mother and i had a good chuckle today. Really, we should not have, as the matter itself was not funny.

Clearly, there is something disturbingly wrong with my sense of humour, as earlier today i made a joke on Doha Mums forum that confused some people. Again. And I, myself, am often confused too-I have no idea why I bother with that place. It often feels like trying to have a conversation with a flock of sheep. Woolly, soft, brainless sheep.

But then, occasionally, i come across some fun women with brains. So, considering the annual membership is only forty quid, i think it was worth joining.

 Now, back to my mother's story today. One of her girlfriends lost her husband recently. To cancer. It is sad. My mother ran into her during her usual evening stroll in the park nearby. The woman complained she was very tired. She was talking about her son demanding they did this, and they did that...because his daddy would have liked it this way, or because his daddy wanted that to happen that way.

Eventually, she mentioned her sister was inviting her to take a break and visit her in Moscow.

 'Well, why not go?' my mother said. 'You need a break.'

 'But i cant leave him' replied her friend, looking sombre.

 My mother decided to clarify. It is always important to clarify. 'Leave whom?' She asked, and proposed with hope- 'Your son?'

 -No, no...not him...

 -Your dog?-My mother tried the last possible sensible option.

 -Well, i guess him, too...he would not be happy in the kennels with other dogs. They might hurt him....but no. I mean Rustam.

 I.e. the dead husband.

 'Hold on a second!' I exclaimed over the Face Time'  'Has she maybe lost it?! Does she believe he is still alive, sick in bed?' Or maybe, is it his ashes she is talking about? But then, I suppose she could take the urn with her, if she must....'

 'No' my mother laughed. 'She was talking of the dead husband's spirit.'


What do you say in such a delicate situation? 'Well...' I suggested, 'You could explain to her that his spirit could, in theory, fly along with her to Moscow?

 It must be wonderful for that woman to believe her husband' spirit stuck around, I guess. Even though, if it were me, i would rather it had not. Believing in spirits is one thing. But why, why, why would she then think that the spirit was restricted to only staying at his old apartment? Surely, if you believe in spirits, you should know-even i do!- that they can be anywhere, really. As long as she tells him, maybe...'Look, honey. I am going to go to Moscow for a little while. Do you mind flying down to see me there? If you are not too...hmm...tired?'

Anyway. It was my birthday today, people! And it was a nice one, considering I have only lived in Doha for about five months. And as I get older, I am even more convinced that life is too short to waste it on idiots. But you know what? They can sure be entertaining.


  1. Happy birthday, fellow Gemini! By the way, you share it with Paul McCartney.

  2. If she's happy that way, and as long as nobody gets hurt... so be it.
    ¡Feliz cumpleaños! It's nice to know you had a great birthday.

  3. Hello ScaryAzeri,Can your readers send you lavish gifts to Doha? ;)

    Ad günün mübarək! (ÎÎ)

  4. Happy birthday!! -cheers from Baku

  5. Happy birthday,Scary!

  6. Happy Birthday. Sorry it's a bit late. I lived in Baku for a year teaching English and I love your blog.

  7. No spirit needs for a plane ticket in my sense you can deny my point. if you are important for some one they have to manage to meet you and to celebrate with you like once i got ticket to pakistan for pass holidays with my family as i was jobless on that time.