Monday, 23 March 2020

Corona Part 2- The real problem

Media is funny. I sometimes wonder if it is all directed and controlled by one secret control centre somewhere.

Have you noticed with Corona? At first they were all writing that only old people die from it. And now, have you noticed? How many articles suddenly popping up about a little girl who is on the ventilator...and a random young person, only underlying conditions...and lots more? It is almost as if they panicked, all together, and thought shit, shit! No, we didn't mean to do this, sorry!

They were the ones who spread the 'only sick and old people die, don't worry guys!' news around and now, when they saw all those stupid students who just wanna party on their spring break because they don't give a shit about anyone else, media started backpedalling, frantically. They are so obviously trying to fix their own fuck-up.

They fucked up. because:

a) Majority of people are stupid. There are people who do stupid things because you know, they are ignorant and don't know any better. But, amazingly, there are people who do stupid things even though theoretically, technically, they should have certain amount of brains. They have degrees and jobs and make good money.

Today, I was reading a discussion on one group chat. One of the fathers suggested we "stay safe" and use sanitizer to clean equipment in their small kids' playground. Another parent responded with a suggestion that that particular disinfectant was not strong enough and suggested to mix it with bleach. Wait, said another one. Bleach is harmful for the kids! Lets use Dettol! And nobody, not one of those nice, friendly, educated, western expatriate parents thought for just one moment that it makes absolutely no difference which disinfectant they use, and how often... when all their small kids (who don't have much control over keeping a distance or touching their faces, or covering their sneezing) play on top of each other for hours, all in a group.

This is the bunch of people who worry whether security guards and gardeners are all "clean". As if Corona is not something that can affect our little bubble, our western community, as long as the labour and security get regular checks. How hard is it to understand that there is little point in social distancing and closing the schools, if you then bring all those small kids to play in a park all on top of each other? Dettol away at the every centimeter of that slide five times a day, but all it takes is for one of those kids to pick the virus up from their pilot or doctor parent ( just for example...) and cough and sneeze all over those lovely clean blond children. Isn't that obvious? Clearly, not.

b) People are selfish. Terribly selfish. I don't know why everyone is so surprised at all that panic buying, at the youngsters not caring about someone else dying as long as they are okay...and people continuing to socialize and go out while that smart media keeps trying to influence them not to. You know why all those articles about young people dying now appearing all over social media? Because that is our only hope to stop those idiots. You can remind them of sick people, you can beg them to think of their parents and grandparents...You can continue posting flattening curve diagrams...They don't really care. That's the problem this world is facing, not the actual virus. You can try and post all sorts of inspirational influential cards, but they will still do what they want. Unless you change your story, and try and convince them they themselves may be lying there gasping for air, dying without a bed in ICU. That may if not stop, then slow them down a little. But only this group, the selfish one. Not the one above, who are hopeless.

So what to do you say. Well, there is only one thing that is possible and needed- a total control. A total lockdown. Thats why I have hope for the countries where the government had the balls to say you know what, you can't resist going out so I will make you stay in. You don't like it? Tough. Stay at home, you stupid selfish wanker. And stop buying so much toilet paper.

That may just work.


  1. Our government sent us home, left very few reasons to go out: drugstore, grocery store and maybe that's it. And night curfew.
    To me, the real problem are people who ignore rules, who feel invincible. And who bought tons of toilet paper, as if they could eat it!
    Stay safe, please.

  2. Sad and very very true. If nothing else the corona virus emergency has highlighted how many stupid people and how many selfish people we have all over the world. That is the real problem we won’t be able to solve. There is no vaccine for stupid. There is no vaccine for wanker