Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Hello from Zemfira!

A little while ago I received a comment on this blog from an Italian fellow asking how to tell if the emails he was getting from an Azeri girl were a scam.

I already told you before about a supposedly Azeri girl who emailed a friend of mine.

Well, as some of you correctly pointed out, the village Zemfira the girlfriend claimed to be living in is actually currently occupied by Armenia.

So, having been blamed and shamed for not knowing the basic facts on occupation of the Azeri land, I decided to question our friend Zemfira, to see if she would respond.

'Hey' there, gorgeous' I replied, pretending to be her dream ( never seen or met before) boyfriend. 'I heard that your village is now Armenian and not Azeri anymore- is that true?'

I got a response quite quickly, but of course, there was no mention of the village. Instead, the girl focused on herself.  Here it is for you to enjoy fully. I have highlighted the best bits for you.

Hello! Again, I'm glad to run an internet cafe and wish you good day. 

How's the weather with you? And how is your mood today? I want you to
tell me more about it. I am so happy now to come here and watch your
response. But I beg you, please write me long letters, and often send
your photos. Since I'm also trying to write to you more detail about
everything. And I want to know you better. And I do not care, factors
such as age, color, religion, political views ...... you understand
me? " Yet if I had a phone, then I would have called you immediately.
But I do not have a phone in my house, so I feel so sorry for this. I
can still hear your voice. But I think that soon I will be able to
call you. My parents house has a telephone. But I do not want him to
go now. You understand me ?????????? Thus, it is important now: soon I
will be to ask your phone number to call. But until then I can not.

Very sorry for me. I still know how to use my e-mail. Receiving a
letter from you and send back. So, I just want to ask you that we do
not hurry with anything. I want to have pleasure with the letters. In
our country we say: haste makes waste. I very much stick to those
words. As our acquaintance still at an early stage now. And I would
not want to rush things. I want to recognize you from all sides more
each time. That is, I want to ask any questions you, and also receive
honest answers. And also you can say whatever you want. I want to say
that I am looking for a serious relationship. Because here, in
Azerbaijan, I can not get it. My father had 2 times I tried to look
for her husband. But I told my father always - I do not want you to be
searching for my husband. I do not want to live without love, because
it is wrong. And so I have a conflict with my parents. I live on them
separately and do not want to go back to their house. I respect my
parents, but I will not tolerate the fact that they crawl into my
life. You also understand that? Have you ever been so?? I would like
to change my life and live in a country where there is no vulgar law.
Where life and marriage - free. So no one forced a woman to marry by
force. I can not now, and they even think about it. I'll tell you that
I have a sister. Who lives in Armenia now. There are also some
unpleasant tradition - and she married a man not for love. And now it
is difficult to live, but it should. It's there as a slave with him,
and constantly at home, and makes all the hard work. And do not even
have free time - it's terrible! I am afraid to even think about it.
This is my only sister and I would have wished her a better life. But
she wanted to stay with her parents, and so it happened! And I'm here,
I live alone and would like to change everything. I work almost every
day, except Sundays - and then come home. In his spare time (my hobby)
- I love to cook to eat and do cleanup. This is also my various
And I love to imagine and compose herself. Actually, I love
myself all tried in this life. And it used to do everything herself! I
love talking to people on various topics and I can not just sit at
home. For example, I like it when the house my bed filled with
perfect, the floors are always clean and always fresh air. My house
faces the flowers, and I love it. Clean air is just they give! Tell me
please, you like to clean? I - very. And now I introduce myself to you
better, and I want it also continued. So you tried to write me every
day and never forget about me. I think that then we can talk about
more important things? How do you think? Also in my spare time I
listen to pop and dance music. But also, there are also Azeri music,
and they have a quiet melody. Under that you can smartly dance. Can
you dance? In our country there is a national national dance. Called
"LEZGINKA". Have you ever heard of this? Still, I was pleased to write
you this letter, and yet it would be nicer - to receive from you
tomorrow nice and interesting answer. I would like to know what you're
specifically looking for and what kind of girl? I will also try to
describe myself. I will miss your letter ... Zemfira!!!

She also sent quite a genuine looking photo- don’t you think? I assume that is an outdoor toilet behind her, but it could also be the internet cafe.

I have to admit, I was quite impressed by the sheer effort put into this scam. Clearly, whoever wrote the emails spent a long time composing them. They took photos and prepared everything in advance. And then they just keep sending them out, I assume, to a lot of naive western blokes, like our Italian friend.

I wish I had the time to lead this to the end, i.e. to the moment when she openly asked me to send her money for her ticket over, or something else along those lines.

But I just got bored..

Finally, to my Italian reader who had a similar email romance... I hope you read this, and I hope you have not sent your Azeri girl money for that ticket!


  1. The sad part of this scam is that this "story" might be real for so many girls around the world.
    Saludos desde Lima.

  2. It looks as if the girl were Google translating from Russian:) She loves cleaning and has her fantasies and a sister in Armenia. I like this girl very much. She respects Azerbaijan's territorial integrity although she is obviously Armenian:))

  3. it is scam, as some parts of the letter are really in bad English but some are in a really good one... I think, the person writing that was forgetting sometimes that he/she spoke sh$t English haha

  4. @Gabriela: Very true.
    @sofisticos: Such strange bunch of details though, don't you find? why is she saying her sister lives in Armenia? why is she mentioning lezginka? and she lives alone? somewhere like that? Hmm

    @anonymous: Maybe? I have no idea how the are doing this. But as sofisticos suggested, a google translator would be a good option.

  5. I am back go your blog, Scary! Hmmm, interesting letter. But what if somebody is using some innocent girl's picture to send out with the scam? What if the girl in the picture is not Zemfira? See, strange thoughts enter my mind at this dark hour in LA:)

  6. Received same trash mail this time the name is changed to Lilit but the same type of letter is sent as well as the robotic replies where you never get answers to your questions at all .